1989 Palomino TXL Hardside Awning Question

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    Oct 9, 2019
    1989 Palomino TXL Hardside

    Just purchased the above pop-up which naturally came with no manual so it has been all trial and error. The awning is the only thing I cannot figure out. I got it slid into the rail on the roof and hanging down. It came with three adjustable poles. The best I can figure is these poke through the holes on the awning at the end but it will not support itself. Do I need to / are these intended to be staked down to the ground to hold the awning out? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love the older pop-ups and have always wanted one..finally got one and didn't realize the headache in trying to figure everything out when the manuals aren't able to be located.

    Thanks again!!!
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