1992 Coleman Sequoia by fleetwood pulley / cable question

Discussion in 'First Time & New Camper Owners' started by Todd G., Oct 27, 2019.

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    Oct 14, 2019
    Got under the trailer and lubricated the Whiffletree system today. Upon taking the cover off notice that two of the cables seem to be crossed going into the pulley system from the Whiffletree. On one side ( the one that was not crossed) the inner cable was on the top pulley and the outer cable was on the lower pulley - on the opposite side (on the one that was crossed) the inner cable was on the bottom pulley and the outer cable was on the top pulley. I switched that side so that it mirrored the other side and no longer had crossed cables.
    Now both cables going to the front of the trailer are on the top pulleys - they are the cables nearest the center on each side of the wiffletree. The cables going to the rear of the trailer are both on the outside farthest away from the shaft on the wiffletree - these are both on the lower pulleys.
    Please let me know if this seems correct.

    I also found that one of the lower pulleys does not rotate properly - basically frozen. The only way I can get it to rotate is to put a shim between the outer and middle plate to make some space on each side of the pulley for it to turn. This only works without tension on the pulley. My thought is that the bearings are shot and it binds up under load. When trying to move the pulley there does not seem to be very much clearance where it seats on the frame. I was going to order a new pulley, but the ones I have found seem to have a raised center section that looks like it may be hard to fit in that tight space. Any thoughts as to the right part number would be appreciated.


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    May 23, 2018
    South Carolina
    Welcome to the Portal from South Carolina. I do not have that lift system, but a maintenance background. Crossed cables are not correct, so you did right by repositioning them. If the pulley has a true bearing, it should be able to be replaced. A picture of the area may help.

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