1993 Jayco 1206 roof problem

Discussion in 'Roof/Floor Repair & Maintenance' started by thelmuth, Nov 22, 2015.

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    Nov 6, 2015
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    The side boards on my roof are rotten. I had thought about taking the roof apart and repairing it. However, the more I think about it, I would like to completely rebuild it.

    Is there any reason I shouldn't build a completely new roof out of plywood and Fiberglass? I would like to add a couple inches of headroom. I'm 6'5" and my hair just hits the ceiling now and I bump the A/C.

    My thoughts on construction are 1/2" plywood sides with 3/4" plywood rafters @2' centers with a 1/4" top skin covered with fiberglass. Everything would have a slight arc to it for drainage and I would build in a small curb for the A/C to help prevent leaks. I know this would be considerably stronger than the original roof.

    I would also include insulation and probably an FRP board interior ceiling.

    Will this add too much weight for the lift system? Are there any other drawbacks to consider?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.
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    Jun 2, 2008
    What you are considering certainly sounds doable and others here have followed a similar approach. You might be able to skip the arch (makes construction a bit more complex) and just keep one end lower than the other; doesn't take much to get rain to run off.

    Building from scratch lets you make it the way you want it, and to my way of thinking can be easier than repairing existing roofs. Search for roof rebuilds here and you should turn up lots of examples of how others have designed and built theirs.

    I was originally interested in fiberglassing my roof but am going with Grizzly Grip (bedliner) instead due to concerns that the flexing that popups have would sooner or later crack the fiberglass. Have not seen too many use fiberglass for rebuilds but you might find some. Most seem to go with bedliner, or maybe aluminum or EPDM.

    We all wish that we could buy a single sheet of material that would be hard to damage and last, and would be large enough to avoid all seams. Other than the materials listed here I haven't been able to find anything like that, at least not anything that wouldn't cost as much as a new camper.
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    Maybe think of doing a luan roof with a layer of fiberglass. To get 1/4 thickness from fiberglass will be a bit of work and money. One layer of fiberglass on top of 1/8" luan would work and be cheaper. I'm rebuilding every thing on mine and I'm just going to do luan and some bed liner.

    If you do a repair and it fails it could do more damage to the walls and floor. Rebuilding it sounds smarter.

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