1994 Coleman renovation

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    Well I bought a 1994 Coleman destiny. I had never towed, owned a trailer let alone camp in one alone. I’ve been dreaming of one day being able to have a trailer and was just so happy to have my own. I’m single and while I had help i did a significant amount myself. I changed a lot of stuff but here are the highlights:

    1. I ripped out one of the benches and replaced with sort of a side table and mr buddy heater. I took the quick connect for the outside grill and turned it into a quick connect for a heater.
    2. I replaced the broken countertop and faucet. The countertop was just a piece of wood from Lowe’s that cut a little and stained. The faucet is a water pump for a large water jug and is rechargeable.

    Favorite mods:
    1. Replaced the old foam mattress with a 3 inch foam topper and an insulated camping pad that blows up to 3 inches. Then deflate it when closing up so no issues on height but don’t have to roll anything up.
    2. Black out curtains on the main windows that were clear and on the bunks. They really help to insulate.
    3. My new cupboard handles which are actually boat cleats

    here are some pictures of before and after.
    Dining room updated 7F9256AC-4B40-4B11-87BE-5DA63B1E7499.jpeg
    Cupboard updated with boat cleats and new countertop
    My bed updated
    old dining table area
    Old cupboards E35B3B5B-6754-4104-B3AB-62437FC1ED6A.jpeg
    My old bed with foam from previous owners ADC9569B-3EC8-4F5E-8B15-19A5C7B618C3.jpeg
    Side table with drawer and heater 3C4751C7-5E05-4E30-87A7-C819980A2B96.jpeg
    From the outside you can see my new tongue box E5A37EF0-E1EB-4587-B34C-0418AAAA4C68.jpeg

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    Looks nice! And you have a stow away in the dinette! Lol.
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