1994 Dutchman Bed Bow Support Poles

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    Jul 12, 2019
    I noticed that the two Bed Bow Support Poles on my Dutchman have three adjustment holes on the long bar and a push in ball on the S shaped piece.

    In my case, the Bed Bow will not push out far enough (shrinkage ??) to use any of the three holes. I do have to push tremendously hard to get the S bar to go into the bracket mounted onto the roof and as you can see the long bar bottoms out against the S tube.

    I'm looking to replace the total canvas this winter as this has small holes throughout. The issue is, the companies that make replacement canvas want my original for sizing. At 25 years of age how much shrinkage has taken place and is the shrinkage the cause of my Bed Bow Support Bar issue.

    IMG_20190726_111057559_HDR[1].jpg The end walls do not slope away from the trailer for runoff

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