1995 Coleman Sante Fe - help with storage box hinge

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    Aug 26, 2019
    Hello Pop Up Portal-verse!

    I am new to PUP'ing as last winter I "inherited" a 1995 Fleetwood/Coleman Sante Fe. I've been learning a lot from reading these forums and appreciate the community on this site! I'm hoping there is someone out there who can help by sharing a photo from their similar year/make/model pup or advise on what I should do.

    My PUP has a front storage box with a lid that separated from the original hinge (and thus the camper) long ago. The previous owner obtained a replacement hinge but never bothered (read: figured out how) to re-install it. This is now my problem, but unfortunately I have no idea what the hinge was supposed to look like, or how it was supposed to be installed, on the camper in the first place. I have researched online and found PUP owners who had a welder make them a nice customer diamond metal replacement lid, and I may end up going that route. However, since I have the original storage lid (or at least I think it us) and a replacement hinge (or at least I think it is), at this point I'd like to try and get it reinstalled.

    The photos I uploaded aren't very good, but perhaps they give some insight into my current situation. If you have a 1995 or similar Coleman Fleetwood Sante Fe and could post a few photos of how your storage lid is connected via hinge to your PUP, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you very much in advance!
    / IMG_7919.JPG IMG_7920.JPG IMG_7921.JPG IMG_7922.JPG IMG_7919.JPG IMG_7920.JPG IMG_7921.JPG IMG_7922.JPG IMG_7919.JPG IMG_7919.JPG IMG_7920.JPG IMG_7921.JPG IMG_7922.JPG

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