1995 Dutchmen 1204 New Roof Build

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    I have a 1995 Dutchmen 1204 that I am building a new roof. It has the Goshen series 1473, 3 tier, square lift posts. Goshen does not have a picture of these lift posts, only a crude drawing of it. The roof sides rotted away and the whole roof collapsed and it is no longer useable. The top of the lift post has a thin piece of metal welded inside and in the middle of the top post. The roof brackets on the lift posts only have a slight bend in them so the face of the bracket is in alignment with the front of the lift post. The problem is that it sits in the middle of the top rail. So if I were to attach the side wood to the roof bracket, the sides would sit on the top of the camper instead of outside and below the top of the camper. So, are the metal plates that are welded to the top of the lift posts bent (all 4 bent in the same position?) or do you not fully lower the lift posts all the way down? I'm a little confused. Any info would help me. Thanks

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