1998 Coleman PUP tears in Canvas, best to patch?

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    Feb 9, 2020
    So working on a number of things with my Coleman 1998 Casa Grande and this is probably the worst of it, (I hope). Looks like burn holes from the stove being hot. The area would need about a 9x19" patch to cover it up. I feel like a big old patch would be the way to go as opposed to replacing that section of the canvas/screen/plastic window. I think we'll have it down all day and only up for privacy at night for the most part.

    This group is really so fantastic to answer all my newbie questions, I can't thank everyone enough! Our first trip is scheduled for over the 4th weekend at a nearby County Park and we are getting very excited!

    Thanks again for your advice!

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    I would use a gray sunbrella-like material to patch this. The material is sunthetic and will want to unravel... combat this by sealing the cut edges with heat. Patch from the side facing out. I sew my patches on (unless dealing in vinyl) but adhesive will work too... especially for a flap. I would trim the holes first to be a more regular shape so it looks neat on the inside. You can “glue” the edges of the hole to the patch to get a more finished look. Pro tip... for the inside look, you can pattern the hole using a round template (think jar lid or something else that will give a consistent pattern)... then cut a patch using the same template... it will fit the hole perfectly and give you a nice finished look inside. More could be said, but I’ll stop there. Good luck and happy camping on the fourth!

    (e-mail me if you have questions/need some help... always happy to do that!)

    John T
    (I don’t advertise it, but I do carry plain gray sunbrella canvas if you have any difficulty finding it)
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    Sep 9, 2015
    What he said above! I patched an inside window flap with a canvas type iron on material from a fabric shop. Cut a piece for the inside and out and it's held up very well for 5 years. Of course, it's inside.
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    May 31, 2018
    Those aren't burn holes. Most likely mice. Seal everything up tight.

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