2 burner stove question


Jul 25, 2020
Dallas, Texas
My original stove has a quick connect hose, is there an adapter to connect directly to a 20lbs propane tank??? Also, the knobs of my stove are burnt (don’t even know how that happened) where can I buy the replacement?

My popup is a 2000 Skamper Sport

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Aug 8, 2015
I found my factory stove sucked for any real cooking, and when used outside it was very susceptible to wind, and if you used any sort of skillet it pretty much prevented the use of the other burners. I ditched it and got a better stove.

My first one was a Coleman Roadtrip - the blue one with the separate stand. I was able to adapt it to the quick connect using parts from the factory stove. I liked the versatility it offered - griddle, grill and stove, but it had no wind protection and if there was wind it made it hard to maintain heat. After a couple years I picked up a Camp Chef Weekender stove - a much better stove option. Plenty of room to use larger pans, and gobs of power. Simmered decent too, but didn't like the wind that much. The Weekender would also run off the quick connect.

Now I use a Coleman 5428 3-burner. It is high pressure though, so I use a tank for it, or run a hose off the pup bulk tanks. However, it has been the best camping stove I have ever used, high power on one burner, decent wind resistance and great simmering ability. I also recently got a roadside rescue Camp Chef Pro60x that I have repaired, and it works nicely as well. Bigger, but with the 1 burner griddle and the bbq box it could potentially take the place of the the Weber Q and the Blackstone, although I would still bring the Coleman as well.


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May 31, 2018
Ill agree, some of the stoves don't put out enough btus, especially for stuff like pasta. You can cook it , but it takes forever and dosen't cook properly. Thats why I take the old copman white gas stove, that thing pushes out some btus.