2 Campgrounds to stay away from and one we've found to be a gem!


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Jul 29, 2013
I just want to let everyone know about three different private campgrounds that we have had experiences with in the past two years here in Mass.

First I'll tell anyone that will listen do not go to Jellystone at Maple Park in Wareham if you think yourself, your kids, or even your dog might want to go in the water. While it looks nice and the beach is super clean, my 3 kids and my niece all came down with hand, foot and mouth disease when we returned from a 10 day stay there TWO YEARS in a row! And a friends son ended up with a really tough case of conjunctivitis on their trip too. We have been there many times for spring and fall weekends and its great for that, activities for the kids, a short ride from home, bathrooms were cleaned twice a day so they never got even close to yucky.
When I called to tell the owners about it, I made it clear right off the bat that I wasn't looking for anything, no refund, no credits, nothing. I just wanted them to know so that maybe they might want to have a more extensive testing done of their water so that more kids weren't getting sick. They were incredibly rude, telling me that it couldn't have possibly been from there, she even laughed at me at one point. I was furious!
So I highly recommend staying away from there if swimming is something you were looking for.

Ellis Haven in Plymouth, you are packed in tighter than sardines, if your neighbor passes gas I promise you're going to catch a whiff. Campsites were so tight that people were set up on the wrong site or in between sites because they just couldn't tell where there's ended and the next one began. We actually saw someone's tent strings staked just under another campers awning.

Pinewood Lodge in Plymouth. Ahhhhh .... .my gem. Completely family friendly without being overrun with kids, anything you need they have in the camp store, including a cute little walk up window for ice cream. The beach was nice, water a little murky for my taste but the kids loved it just fine. Plenty of sunfish were caught off of the docks, lots of time was spent at their two playgrounds. We even found a dog that obviously got away from her campsite and the employees were just as worried about finding her "parents" we were. Sites were really spacious, bathroom was amazingly clean. This is our new place for those quick, local weekends and we highly recommend it to anyone.

Well thanks for reading and I hope I gave you a little bit of insight if you were looking to try someplace new in the Southeastern Mass region!


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Apr 3, 2013
Thanks for the intel, CrystalM, from a PuP neighbor on Southcoast. I had considered all 3 at one time or another, but had never stayed at any of them. We'll be sure to try Pinewood, now. The other 2.........not so likely.


Jul 3, 2013
Hand foot and mouth disease is a virus caught from another person. You cannot get it from a campground. Maybe someone at the campground. Not the water.


Mar 21, 2013
vanjr said:
Hand foot and mouth disease is a virus caught from another person. You cannot get it from a campground. Maybe someone at the campground. Not the water.

It is possible to get infected with the viruses that cause hand, foot, and mouth disease if you swallow recreational water, such as water in swimming pools or other swimming areas. However, this is not very common. This is more likely to happen if the water becomes contaminated with feces from a person who has hand, foot, and mouth disease.


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Aug 8, 2013
I am going to Jelleystone in ware this weekend. friday in and sunday out.

hopefully we will be okay.


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Aug 8, 2013
It was good but a bit hectic. they where full. so our spot was 5 minutes walk from the toilet. My popup does not have a potty.
the spot was a very tight squeeze and hard to park.down hill , squeeze between 2 pin trees off a narrow road.

we did our orientation with dealer at 9.30-11.00. picked up the camper and tried backing into a spot. One of the guys showed up immediately to help. thank goodness my wife did the parking. she is a better driver , between my motorcycles i only drive 4 months a year once the snow falls. the lake and beech was real nice. the kids had fun.

we will not return there but for a 3 day weekend was good.
5$ deposit for a shower key -no one told us these . so i am walking around like why are the stalls locked at 10 pm. my 3 yr old has to sleep for me to take a shower. He is in major daddy phase.
10$ deposit for entry pass [ i am fine with this ]
the tent spot near the bathroom are like a highway.5 bathroom for such a huge place.Unless you are in a tent and not have a rear facing a lot of woods, you have to truck to the bathroom.

the kids had a lot of fun, so in that case good. we have camped in bourne sceanic park in tents a few weeks back and that place was way better for services.

www.circlecg.com - labour day weekend.will post what we think....we love our fleetwood 2010 utah popup. my explorer only shows the weight when we merge from 30mph to 65mph on the ramps. that too , the engine get a bit loud for a few seconds are we are off.

so we pickedup the camper on friday and by monday camped 3 days ...we love it. wish the explorer had the tow package, i would have got a hybrid another 1500lbs more.