2 nite trip to Sequioia National Park

Discussion in 'Let me tell you about my trip' started by Anthony Hitchings, Jul 8, 2020.

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    Mar 2, 2019
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    July 2020: this was a small trip as a self consolation to wife and I for having our Glamping trip in the High Sierras cancelled due to Covid 19. It was the first ALiner outing since Thanksgiving 2019.

    Having the 2nd (lesser quality) spare tire strapped to the propane tank worked out great (there are 4 hold down J-bolts on the propane tank).

    I love having electric brakes, stopping distance seem near normal with a "quick and dirty" calibration of the Primus IQ controller.

    The brake controller location that I have is useless for viewing or working with. I need to get a harness extension and mount it on top of the dash. Our Jeep steering wheel has too much visual obstruction.

    We foolishly tried to unhitch the trailer without releasing the latch when necessary - and bent the tongue jack wheel very badly. BUT - good news - we discovered a good RV parts store less than 15 minutes drive from home - this is great - and they had an exact replacement in stock (which I promptly modified to use two wheels instead of one).

    Campsites: in the big loop at Lodegole Campground - the angle of the drive in is sometimes forward and sometimes rearward - really annoying if you have one that faces the wrong way. So unhitching the Aliner and getting it placed on our site #185 was a total pain, especially as the site as about 3 feet too short.

    Once again we had a site with very poor sun exposure for our PV system. But we had figured to run off batteries with no sun if need be. We deliberately did not bring either of our portable panels.

    The voltage readings on the USB-outlets are not reliable (they read too low). I used my recently installed voltmeter to get a better reading.

    On the 2nd evening the right hand burner control valve on our stove quit working. It would not rotate. I have ordered a new Flame King stovetop via Amazon (it is cheap but has great reviews) rather than delay the next trip looking for a part that may ultimately be unobtainable.

    Half the campsites were closed (COVID management). Market was open but no dining. Restrooms open with no issues.

    Our main hike was 12.6 miles round trip and 2,278 uphill ft (and some downhill feet as well). We hiked from Wolverton Creek parking lot to the Pear Lake Ranger Hut (which is near but not at Pear Lake). Max elev. was 9,325 ft above seal level.

    We still find the 2003 Aliner Scout to be a good solution for us. And being able to see traffic in our rear view mirror is a big asset.
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    Great feeling is being able to finally go after a long lay-over and enjoying the outdoors again.
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    Jan 12, 2020
    I haven’t been to Sequoia since the early 80s. The DW and I are planning on going, once things open up more. Glad you enjoyed your trip.
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    Mar 8, 2017
    We go up there (or Kings Canyon) in the winter for snow play for the kids--it's close to some family so we can day trip it (or I can skip it altogether).

    A few years ago we went up there to camp in the winter. After that we got a popup. :) Apparently it gets dark early in the winter--who knew?--and a little bit cold so we realized that we probably needed something larger for when times called for inside family lounging.

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