20 lbs to 20 lbs Refill/Transfer


Apr 2, 2020
Staunton, Virginia
Not sure what the reasoning is behind this. If it's tank certification... that's the one time I use tank exchange. For a few bucks more than the refill price, I get a recertified cylinder that can then be refiled again once emptied.

There are reasons for the tank recertification laws and I wouldn't push a tank much past the deadline personally.
I always wonder when the big tanks next to a home are recertified, or the really big tanks that are buried, when are they certified? I have had tanks for over thirty years and they are good as new. I even bought ODP valves for them and had the Farm Co-op to replace them. Recertification is a strange requirement as it does not apply to the larger tanks, I would think that the buried tanks could corrode and leak due to acid soil. I know we have to protect steel water pipes and natural gas pipes from that happening, so why not tanks?


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Aug 10, 2022
hi ,Ray here ,Im new to the group but after reading this post I'm going to advise against trying to refill pressurized LP tanks of any kind or size . Refilling or transferring flammable gas/liquid can be dangerous and requires proper equipment and expertise . I would just use the small amounts up and if you have a specialty tank take it to a licensed LP dealer to refill . In my 40 years of commercial /industrial plumbing and mechanical career I,ve seen equipment ,buildings and people blow up and get severely burnt , in Texas (where I'm from ) they have / require a special LP license or endorsement on a master plumbing license to work with pressurized LP gas ,. I realize there's another cute you tube video on how to do everything ,but consider the source , and ask yourself is really worth risking an accident or worst trying to save a few dollars ?

Ed Llorca

Jul 16, 2018
Wondering if it’s feasible to refill/transfer propane to an empty 20 lbs tank from a full 20 lbs tank?

Asking for a friend.
Yes I've done it. the process speeds up if you cool the tank your filling and warm up the tnek you are emptying. Us can use towels soak in hot water and icewater.


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May 31, 2018
I think the power to get hot towles and ice wouldnt be feasible since they probably mostly camp off the grid. My idea would be a spare tank, I know, not really the idea after getting the light weight ones. But maybe a half tank, something to get you through untill you get to a filling station?


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Aug 14, 2008
At room temperature (since others have commented upon cooling or warming specific tanks, evoking Boyle's Law) you will get no better than pressure equalization. For a full 20 lb. bottle filled to 16 lbs. (80% of capacity) connected in an unrestricted mode to the empty bottle will yield approximately 8 lbs. of LP in each bottle. A number of other factors can weigh in (see what I did there?) and influence that but I'm speaking in generalities here.


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I always wonder when the big tanks next to a home are recertified, or the really big tanks that are buried, when are they certified?

The recertification of 20# and other smaller tanks is a DOT requirement for tanks that get taken out on the highway. I don't know what, if any requirements there are for stationary tanks.

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