2000 Coleman Redwood - Which of 6 trailer wires are used?

Discussion in 'Wiring' started by durtkillon, Jun 5, 2016.

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    It's trailer wiring decision time for me. I just got rid of my 2004 Jeep, which had a factory installed 7 pin. The new vehicle is a 2008 Volvo XC90 with an aftermarket 4 pin connection.

    The pop up currently has a six square plug routed to a 6 pole round plug that plugs in to the vehicle.

    My question is which of the 6 wires does the 2000 Redwood make use of? I get the tail/brake, turn and ground lights (brown, green, yellow and white). This trailer does not have brakes, so I presume the blue wire is not used. Is the red wire wired to the positive battery terminal for the purpose of charging the battery?

    I'm trying to decide whether to wire the pop up with a 4 pole or 7 pole connector. If I go with 7 pole, I need to rewire the Volvo as well. If I only gain the auxiliary 12 volt while driving, I'm not sure the extra wiring is worth it.
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    Usually from the vehicle the red is +12 v. (not always) To charge the battery while driving you may need to make some connections on your vehicle. May you will need to connect a wire and/or put in a fuse. Best to ask the dealer if you can't find the info.
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    Find the wiring color code on page 39 of the 2000 Coleman Camping Trailers by Fleetwood Owners Manual.

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