2000 Coleman Westlake - needs front end rebuild - thoughts?


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May 29, 2009
Western Colorado
The body looks pretty straight, if all the amenities are in working order and you have the skills to rebuild the front and maybe the floor, it could be a good deal. I would definitely check the floor to see how far the rot goes. The lack of a box on the front offers up a myriad of interesting mod possibilities. IMHO- it's worth a look.
Good Luck!


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May 8, 2011
Florida by way of WV and MD
I would absolutely go have a look at it. You can always walk away if it looks to overwhelming. From the pics, it looks pretty straight forward and at least it's opened up where you can see the damage easily.

What I would find out is where the water came from in the first place so you can make sure it's no longer a problem. We had a leak in our storage area when we first got our pup that was coming from water running down the channel on the end of the bunk. Even though it was ending up in the storage box, the leak was not coming from there.


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Jun 23, 2011
yep...I agree with everyone here...Go take a look..see what the rest of the PUP looks like. From the sounds of it...this guy has the plastic from the front end...basically you'll just need to rebuild the wooden frame and floor..that would be super easy to do..and you'd have a heck of a nice camper with NEW front end for under $2k

I'd jump on it..but I am handy with wood working, and this would be a walk in the park to repair that front end.