2000 Coleman westlake

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    May 31, 2018
    Ok im selling my belived pup. Its in nj. Its big and has the abs roof issue. The roof doesn't sag or leak, but may need to be stripped and grizzly griped. Other then that everything works, AC , heat, water pump, water heater, it has 2 king beds and the shower toilet combo. 4 new tires ( yes it only has 1 axel , bit i have 2 spares as it traveled a bit) electric brakes and axels serviced last year. Its old , big and in good shape for its age. Has outside stove, inside stove. 2 propane tanks. And a shelve storage mod above the inside sink. Lots of storage and a updated interior. New exterior gasket seals, and it was just waterproofed and the bunk end seams sealed. Make an offer it will go cheaper then i want to the right person. More photos, information avalable, just ask! 20190826_164414.jpg 20190826_164331.jpg 20190826_164319.jpg 20190826_164305.jpg 20190826_164251.jpg 20190826_164444.jpg 20190826_164434.jpg

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