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    We bought our new 1999 Bayside with the factory add-a-room. As we pretty much never camped for less than 4 days, we always set it up. I absolutely loved having the add-a-room. We used it to keep our cooler in (ice lasts longer if the cooler is out of the sun) , also to put away things we didn't want visible when we left the site. We never cooked in it but used it as an extra room. When it rained, we usually had all the adults inside the trailer playing games, while the kids used the add-a-room to play in. We also used it as a place for our collie to dry off if we had walked him in the rain. Our Bayside had a slide out but it was still so fabulous to have that extra space for storage and as another room. It wasn't too bad to set up but because I am a fanatic about putting everything away super clean, each piece was cleaned before being put away, for the whole trailer, so it takes us about 4 hours to pack up. That includes the trailer, the add-a-room + a gazebo for cooking in.

    When we updated and bought a 2 year old 2009 Bayside, I kept the add-a-room. I had to take the trailer into a dealership and have them add the pieces to be able to use the add-a-room. We used that add-a-room for 11 years with our 1999 and for another 4 years with the 2009. Then the worst thing happened ~ the awning fell off driving home somewhere between Vancouver Washington and Vancouver BC. I tried so hard to locate it or find a replacement but eventually gave up. We bought a Dometic add-a-room, which we use now. It is easier to set up and take down but is so flimsy compared to our original add-a-room. And it doesn't have anywhere near as much room, nor is it water poof (it is water resistant but does leak if there is lots of rain). It doesn't provide all the options of privacy, or aeration. All in all, it is better than nothing but no where near as strong, sturdy or waterproof. In bad weather, the original add-a-room was strong and sturdy. I am pretty sure the Dometic one would not survive bad weather.

    I have thought a few times that I should sell my original add-a-room, which is like new but I miss it so much that I just can't bring myself to give up and let it go. I sure wish I could find a replacement awning, so I could use it again.
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    If you lived in Ontario, I would give you the one that came with our 12' Rockwood. I hated it! I think it's a "Carefree in Colorado". Bought a Gazelle instead that sets up in 1-2 minutes. The add-a-room would take about 30 minutes to set-up when I could remember how it went together. I'm not very good at origami either and that's about the complexity of it. No instructions came with mine. A ladder or step stool was helpful to reach the high zippers. The only thing it helped with was rainy days, as it was swish cheese to the bugs. You can't block the underside of the camper very well with a piece of skirting that must get around all the obstacles and snaps onto the camper and hangs about 4" above the ground. Bugs went right under the camper and into the room. If it is going to rain through the night you need to partially collapse the room and the awning once you retire for the evening otherwise you need to dump pooled awning water. I know some like them but I would not consider putting in the effort unless I was staying for more than 3 nights.
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    The wind is actually less of a factor with the room attached. Much less flapping and it is staked down in a lot more places. In windy conditions you lower the curtains to keep the wind from getting under the awning. If it's too windy for the Dometic awning and room we had camping isn't going to be very pleasant anyway.
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    Personally I would buy a 12' E-Zee up with screen sides or soft sides if that's your preference. Put it up right tight to the popup and you won't even need to open the campers awning. The E-Zee up go up and down real fast and simple.

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