2007 Fleetwood Niagara cranking down resistance

Discussion in 'Lift Systems' started by Hearty Sarsoza, Oct 29, 2020.

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    Apr 5, 2019
    Question for the experts: 2007 Fleetwood niagara and I have difficulty cranking the roof down im getting a lot of resistance. Cranking up is perfectly fine clutch is engaging perfectly and with no resistance. I can't see the drive shaft clearly but it seems like its not badly stripped. I've already replaced the extension hub twice with no remedy. Any ideas?
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    Jun 24, 2016
    Hey fellow Niagara owner!! I would think you have one of two problems... if going up is fine, then check to see if your roof is level once it’s up. Maybe the roof is binding on the lift pillars when it’s trying to come down. The second is the whiffle tree. The oem tree is temperamental at best. I had to replace mine in sept. 2020. Since I owned it it would ‘knock’ a little going up, and I thought it was just the sound it made. Turns out that it was the chain jumping on the gear cog at the bottom. It was jumping because the threaded drive shaft that moves the tree was getting jammed with dirt stuck in the grease. The aftermarket is better, the pitch of the threads is such that it eliminates the need for the clutch brake, since it requires a little effort to lower the roof. The trade off is it takes more turns to lift roof, which is about 1000lbs!!!!!

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