2012 Aliner- Possible to add AC?


Jun 15, 2019
Northern Virginia

I inherited an A-Liner, and I want to get my wife into camping. Since she's new to camping, I want to make her as comfortable as possible. Therefore, I want to see if it's possible to add an A/C unit into an aliner. If so, any info on how to install, and what model to get, etc.?



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Dec 22, 2002
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Which A-Liner model do you have? AC on an A-Liner is added on side of the camper. Below image is the factory installed AC unit.


May 30, 2019
We have the LG 5000btu on our 2018 Scout. They are great units but I believe they are being discontinurd. I am going to purchase one ($156) and put it in storage. They are top air outlet and more importantly, they will run on a Honda 1000eui generator no problem. Not even a cough when the compressor cycles. The air will run for about 7hrs ( give or take 15 min) on .6 gal of fuel.


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Jan 27, 2013
Thanks! The model is a 2012 A liner Classic

This is what the factory install looks like on a 2012 Classic (pic not mine). Our 2013 Classic looks the same.

Installation requires a hole cut in the side, support bracket and frame, C-channel for the cover, weather proofing, a cut in the countertop behind the sink, and a new 120V power outlet under the cabinet. Unless you're very handy, I'd suggest that you have a dealer install it for you.

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Jul 21, 2018
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There is more than one way to get AC in your A-liner. You can cut and mount it just like the factory. You could use a window unit in the big sliding window. Or you go with a portable ac and vent to the outside.

Keep in mind you will need to power the AC unit when the compressor kicks in there is a spike in the amperage it is going to pull. If it were me I would either plug the AC unit directly into the Shore Power or run a new power line from the breaker panel, I would not want to plug it into one of the standard 120v outlets inside the camper.
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Jul 2, 2016
I replaced the original LG 5,000 BTU AC unit on my 2013 Aliner Classic with a more powerful LG 6,000 BTU AC unit with remote. It’s slightly longer in depth by less than less than 2 inches but you get more 1,000 BTU’s of cooling power with the new unit. Which means a lot in AZ. I can tell the difference when cooling down the Aliner in the HOT summer while preparing for a camping trip. In the AZ desert, you have to cool down the whole trailer to prep the fridge before camping. It took us less than an hour to remove the old AC with the new AC unit.

The only caveat was having to make a custom cover to fit the new unit. I was able to do with my beginners sewing skills. I reused the original c channel piece from the original cover and sewed it onto the top outside trim of the new cover. Then I added industrial strength 2” Velcro hook onto the bottom of the AC unit. And sewed the Pyle side of the Velcro on the inside of the bottom trim area of the new cover. I waterproof the cover using Rustoleum’s Never Wet for fabric.

Aliner manufacturer uses a 120V electrical outlet for plugging in the AC unit. Both old & new units are 115 watts. The difference is the old has 440 amps and the new is 520 amps. My AC set up is similar to Bryd_Hunter’s picture.


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Sep 17, 2011
That was nicely done. How did you power it?
My 2004 had a prewired 120V receptacle inside the baggage compartment adjacent to the cabinet where I installed the AC unit. It must have been factory prewired in case AC was added later. That was convenient but I would have had no problem running a 20A line from the converter to the AC if needed.


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Jun 21, 2019
Western North Carolina
We had a used 2012 Aliner that came equipped with an LG AC unit behind the sink. It did not cool very well so we bought another one exactly like it to replace the non-cooling unit. The new unit did not cool at all. We went back and forth with LG and finally, they gave an approval to replace it. I wanted a refund but they only consented to a replacement. The replacement was installed and it too did not cool. Long story short... I did not have any luck with LG. The kicker is that to be installed behind the sink it must have a top blower vent to work properly. We ultimately removed it completely. We bought a small fan and that with the fantastic fan worked quite well. We since purchased a 2019 Aliner Ranger with the Cool Cat installed. It works great for both cooling and heat. That's our story and we're sticking to it ;^)


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Mar 15, 2013
I have a 2013 Aliner Scout that came with a 5,000 BTU unit. It lasted a few years with very little use and I had to replace it year before last. The replacement was a 6.000 BTU unit and it lasted for 2 weeks and died while I was miles from home. Their method of installation is rigid and leaves the AC vulnerable to every bump in the road as there is no springs or cushioning whatsoever. I think that is what killed my 2 units. When I replace it next year, I plan to get a portable AC and use the hole where the dead AC is now to vent it.


Sep 17, 2011
The problem with home type AC units is they are not really made for bouncing down the road (Note how well they are packed in foam for truck shipment). Aliner would like the manufacturer to beef up the vulnerable parts but due to very low volume of such units the manufacturers of the AC units are not willing to go to the added expense.

When I installed mine, I set it on a piece of foam to help reduce shock - I never had a failure after several years of use. I also have a 2011 Starcraft hybrid that uses a house type AC unit - So far so good.


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Mar 31, 2021
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