2014 Rockwood Freedom 2318G Pop-up Camper


Apr 16, 2018
Centerville, OH
2014 Rockwood Freedom 2318G Pop-up Camper in great condition. One king size bunk, one queen size bunk, a bench that pulls out to a twin bunk, and the dinette folds down to a double sized bunk. Sleeps 8. The Dinette slides out to give more space for eating. We have 4 kids, so we’ve done trips with the 6 of us for as long as 5 days. Includes a propane furnace to keep you warm in spring and fall, and we found that a small electric space heater works to keep it warm also (campsite electricity being cheaper than propane). We went camping last Halloween for 5 days and kept comfortable. King and queen mattresses are heated. Also includes air conditioning for those hot camping trips, it cools off well enough to freeze you out. Includes window reflectors for extra insulation and reflect the sun. Propane stove in the camper. We used it once or twice, but found we preferred a camp stove outside. The sink works, it can connect to campsite water or use the tank. It drains to an included gray water tank outside. We are including a couple of water filters. We didn’t use the water much, but did use the drain some. The mini fridge can run off 120V campsite power, or 12V battery. Lots of storage space! We tow with our Honda Odyssey and it does fine.

We are including a number of accessories (shown in photos). Electric cord, BAL leveler (much easier than stackers for leveling, may save your marriage), bamboo entry mat, coffee maker, portable toilet, extra overhead light for over dinette, mattress heaters, clean water and gray water hoses, extra water filters, gray water tank, and misc tools.



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