2015 - Florida Spring Rally

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Oct 18, 2014
Yes the was a great time. Pot luck was great. Thanks Kim for doing such a great job!


Jan 31, 2015
Really enjoyed the weekend (still enjoying it - heading home tomorrow), Kim you did great! I met so many wonderful people and the food was fantastic! Rich, thanks for your help in securing the shelter, we needed it! I'll be there for the fall rally!


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May 15, 2014
Sarasota, FL
Ok, we safely made the long trek home... All 15 minutes of it. :)

We actually spent much longer negotiating the tricky very tight reverse into the back yard... not easy at the best of times, even less so when we're both tired and cranky... but., hey, I wanted to replace that light anyway... :p

A very big thank you to Kim for all her hard work in pulling it all together. This was our first rally, and we really enjoyed meeting everyone. As previously noted, the potluck was sensational.. The only bad thing about was that I didn't get to sample it all!

Ok, when's the next one?


Mar 22, 2015
We're back in our area of the state- This was a trip of a lot of firsts for the family but we had a lot of fun, learned a lot and got to meet some really great people. And thanks to Kimmygr for a fantastic job we really enjoyed our weekend. [A]
Next fall rally? Where and when? [PU] [TV]


Jan 31, 2011
The Hopkins family had a great time, too! Looking forward to seeing things come together for a fall rally :)

Anyone wanna share recipes for what they brought to the potluck? Especially any of the dutch oven deliciousness? [:)O]


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Jun 20, 2013
We made it home! @ around 6:30p. Pup is in the yard setup for drying and unpacking tomorrow!

We had a wonderful time and I really enjoyed being Wagon Mistress! I think maybe, after a Fall Rally (hint hint), that I'll step up for a 2016 Spring Rally as Wagon Mistress again! (If it all works out) We can start planning early (after the Fall Rally) and maybe do it sooner like in March or April!

It was really great meeting all of you! Had some delicious food with really great people!

I want to say a BIG thanks to all who helped out with all the little details! You are all the bomb! And to Popup Steve for the Rally raffle items!

I also want to thank EVERYONE for coming out and having a GREAT time! It could not have happened without you all!

If anyone is interested in the Pulled Pork recipe here is the link:


I didn't measure anything and used pork rather than beef (cheaper), but the beef is just as delicious!

Watch for a picture thread to be added for those who wish to share their Rally photos!


Jan 3, 2015
We had a blast and enjoyed meeting all of you!! Thanks to all who were gracious enough to show us the inside of some really cool rigs.

Kim will be dealing with a new addition to her family in the fall so I've volunteered to help plan our next trip.

Around Halloween has been suggested so if that sounds decent to everyone I'll be looking for suggestions to possible locations. We'll narrow it down a bit, put things to a vote, and we'll take it from there.

Looking forward to it!!

Kim...Thanks again for making the 2015 Florida Spring Rally a success!!!

Sparky52...my ziti dinner tonight was once again delicious!!!!!!!!


Mar 22, 2015
I like the idea of around Halloween that should be fun for the kids and us big kids. Something was said earlier about Juniper Springs? Is that on the list of suggestions?


Jan 31, 2011
October would be great if we can find a weekend with availability. The weekend of the 23rd our school district happens to have a long weekend with the Monday after off. [8D] If we could include that in the list of possible dates that would be nice. [8D]

Not sure about locations, but I know a lot of you have more experience to offer up some good ideas.

Yeah!! :)


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Aug 3, 2011
Saint Petersburg, Florida
We are sad we missed it. [:(]

On another note we are hoping we can make the next one. However if it is in October we are already booked for October the weekend of the 16 17 18...so please don't rally on that date! lol

AND as a suggestion Frogcreek RV park. http://www.frogcreekrv.com/ We just camped there and it is pretty nice.

The lady at the that works the front office was very nice and can answer any questions. But she told me we can use the banquet hall (Indoors, very large and has AC!) for our pot luck and they even have a nice outside area with a tiki hut like bar. The place is split in to two halves with one side for long term stays and the other side is primitive/tent and popup camping. That is where we stayed. (Yes water and 30a hook ups.) And they are big enough that we could have a rally no problem!

The creek is right there and has a lot of fish. We brought our kayaks and canoe and had a nice peaceful trip down the river. They even have a dog park!

SO just a thought...

FL Bill


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Apr 20, 2011
Well we stayed an extra night and got home about 6pm last night. Finally made it over to the beach for sunset Sunday evening. Porpoise in the back ground as the sun was setting it was like a postcard!! My daughter Kayla actually found a shark tooth. Had dinner at the Pelican Alley were we didn't have to cook or clean, good food and great atmosphere on the water.

It was an awesome trip and great getting to meet all you new people, great group and great food!!

Kim, thanks for getting it all together and all that you did for it [:D] Hope fully we can make the fall Rally.


Apr 7, 2015
Already missing camping! Oscar Scherer was a great place for the rally, well besides the tight spots! Looking forward to the next rally and I'm with FL Bill, just not the weekend of October 16th if possible. [:D]

Thanks again, Kim, for all your hard work and thanks everyone for the delicious food! Who made the Dutch Oven apple dish? That was super yummy and I am hoping I can get that recipe! It was so nice to meet so many of you and look forward to seeing you all again soon!


Nov 8, 2012
I also had a great time. Thanks again Kimmygr. You did a great job getting it all together. I had a nice time meeting everyone, and it really is a great park. It was really neat swimming in the lake(large pond) with turtles and what not swimming within arms reach. I'm looking forward to camping there again soon. Maybe when it does get a little less humid though. We also have a weekend booked in October. Buts it's for Columbus Day at Rainbow Springs. Let us know what you decide on Rich, we will see if we can make it happen. Hope to see everyone again soon. And oh yeah, all the food was incredible. I ate till I could not move. [:D] [:D]
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