2016 Colorado FJ-Owners Rally

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    Mar 22, 2016
    I just put this little slide-show together this past weekend, from my pictures of the event.

    Every year, there are a bunch of FJ (Yamaha) Rallies in various places around the country, and I usually attend one of them each summer.
    Last year we had one in the Black Hills. The year before that, I went to the one in Willits California.
    This year I decided to host one. After a whole bunch of research and scouting rides, I chose Ouray Colorado.

    We had it the second week of June, and had a pretty good turnout. I had a blast, and so did (most) everyone else.

    There's no Camping content, but a lot of amazing scenery.
    Check it out in HD if you're interested.

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    Sep 28, 2017
    I had to go to Durango for work (from Denver) with a colleague early in June via a trip to Aspen, so we chose to take the Ouray route. That pass between Ouray and Silverton may be one of the most beautiful passes in the Country. Nice video!
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