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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
The 2016 Colorado Rally will be July 11-17; campers come and go as their schedules permit, and have attended from several states. The Colorado Rally is a very casual event, with participants going about their own activities and meet-ups as they happen. For 2016, we plan a meet and greet early in the week, in addition to the potluck on Saturday night. Also, there will be an information/message board, including a list of who is interested in what type of activities.

If you have any questions before you vote (I've set it so you can't change your vote), please ask! The poll will run for 28 days, ending just before the end of December.

These are the campgrounds to vote on for the 2016 Rally. All are available on reservation systems; reservations for most campgrounds can be made beginning in January. There should also be first-come, first-serve sites at most of the campgrounds. Availability of FCFS may vary depending on popularity of the CG. Dispersed camping or boon-docking should be available near most of the campgrounds, but you'll have to check with the specific Ranger District for 2016 availability.
I've includes the campsite cost as of 11/4/15, not including possible reservation service fees.
The driving times are approximate, using Mapquest, from: GJ - Grand Junction; DA - Denver Area (I used Arvada); D - Durango, CS - Colorado Springs, and ABQ - Albuquerque:

White Star CG (PSICC – Pike & San Isabel NF…):
near Twin Lakes (Leadville and Buena Vista nearby), site of the 2013 Rally, $20/night:

Large campground, no hook-ups, one upper loop is FCFS only. Some loops or sites have more shade than others; on some nights, the hum from the nearby power plant is audible in some sites. Mt. Elbert looms over the CG, the area has great hiking and fishing, the lakes are suitable for small watercraft (canoes, etc.). In the area are Leadville, Buena Vista (both about ½ hour) and Aspen (an hour or so). (For those preferring hookups, there are campgrounds in BV and Leadville with them.)
GJ: 3-1/2 hours, CS: 2-1/2 hrs, DA: 2-1/4 hrs, D: 4-1/2 hrs, ABQ: 6 hrs

Vallecito CG (San Juan NF), $22/night:
near Durango, hiking (trail into the Weminuche Wilderness from camp), fishing, lake (Vallecito Reservoir) nearby; other campgrounds in the area. Lots of places to explore for those inclined to drive, including Mesa Verde NP.

Close enough to Durango to make reservations to ride the Durango and Silverton RR. There are a few sites with power, though they aren't the nicest in the campground (DH & I decided they put the power where it was easiest to do so).
GJ: 3-3/4 hours, CS: 5-1/2 hrs, DA: 6 hrs, D: 1/2 hrs, ABQ: 4 hrs

Flat Tops, North Fork CG (White River NF):
site of the 2012 Rally, $22/night:

No hook-up sites, this campground seems to be little used. The water at the campground taps was safe, but so metallic tasting that it was not usable for consumption (condition may or may not have changed). Fishing and hiking, 4 WDing, no high mountains close by, pretty remote.
GJ: 2-3/4 hours, CS: 6 hrs, DA: 4-1/2 hrs, D: 6 hrs, ABQ: 10 hrs

St. Charles or La Vista CG, Lake Isabel (PSICC), info is for St. Charles, $18/night :

According to the reservation site, hiking, fishing and mountain biking are available nearby, DH & I haven't been to this area ourselves, so can't comment from experience.
GJ: 5-1/2 hrs, CS: 1-3/4 hrs, DA: 3 hrs, D: 5-1/2 hrs, ABQ: 5-1/4 hrs

Ridgway State Park:
$26/night + daily entry fee for SP (IIRC it will be $7/day in 2016, for those who do not have an annual pass). Those camped elsewhere will also have to pay entrance fees to visit the Rally.

The state park has a couple of campgrounds, which are large. We have only camped in the Elk Ridge portion of the Dutch Charlie section. Power at most sites, no other hook-ups.
Ouray and Telluride are in the general area, 4 WDing, fishing, hiking, hot springs are in the region. The state park has a marina, showers, and laundry.
GJ: 1-3/4 hrs, CS: 5 hrs, DA: 5-3/4 hrs, D: 2 hrs, ABQ: 5-3/4 hrs


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
First choice for us, too - so much that we enjoy in the area. If we manage to get our favorite site, which should not be a problem if we reserve as soon as allowed, it has a great area for gatherings. We have a new shade structure - the one that flew over the site at the last Tally there got ditched as soon as we got home. (I went back the next season -the camp host still remembered that flying shade structure.)

We like the other campgrounds too, though haven't been to the St. Charles/La Vista one, yet.
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