2016 Ford F-150 Backup Assist


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Aug 13, 2012
Oh wow that's cool. I thought it was just the assist that helps you line up for hitching. This is actually trailer driving on auto pilot. Cool...thanks for posting.


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Oct 15, 2006
Dukes, Fl
Wish my 2004 F 150 had that, I do have a self installed backup camera for hooking up the trailer and it works pretty good.


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Aug 5, 2010
Near Elmira, Southern Ontario
Uh, ya, no thanks. If you can't back up, (or park a car for that fact), you shouldn't be driving. I can't even imagine what it will take to fix all those computers and sensors when that thing is out of warrantee. Modules, sensors, corroded green wire harnesses, the electric motors thats doing the auto-steering, updates to flash into the computer, it all makes me shiver. Auto manufactures seem to think everyone one is made out of money. When that crap breaks, you'll all be singing the blues and calling it a piece of junk. I believe in the KISS theory, and its all getting way out of hand.

I've been a licensed auto Tech (Ford) since the mid 80's and when I sit around and shoot the bull with my mechanic buddies, everyone shakes their heads and wonders when it's all going to end. Get back to basics.

(Sorry, just venting a little [}:)])


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Nov 30, 2014
Very cool! Too late to wish technology away. Sensors and electric motors are already here. I have had relatively few failures with my newer vehicles and have found repairs to be generally easier. For the amount of electronics in my Tahoe, I'm shocked at how dependable it is. I've owned and driven vehicles from the 40's through the 10's. Cars today are faster, safer and more reliable than ever, despite electronics...or because of them. I do love my classic cars, but I don't miss hauling tubes to the grocery store to get the TV working. I don't have experience with Ford since the 80's so maybe the failures are unique to them? Sorry, that shot needed to be taken!


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Jul 21, 2014
how many users will clip obsticles with the vehicle because they are staring at a screen and not watching weather the nose clears an object?



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Nov 30, 2014
Good point Al! I think it would be unnerving myself since I am comfortable backing trailers, but my neighbor spends what seems like hours backing his pup beside his house. It's entertaining for me, but I think he gets stage fright. He might be afraid of getting his man card revoked.


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May 24, 2015
I am a Ford guy and love my backup camera in my F-150 but this is too much!!!

I agree 100% with Wrenchgear. Back to basics. How about having a base model truck and then let me add what I want to it?!

All the manufacturers will see down the road they are pricing themselves out of the market.

If you can't back up a trailer in the first place you have no business pulling one anyway.

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Jun 7, 2012
Northeast Pennsylvania
This is just one more thing that makes people forget how to actually drive, and they can charge you more money for. How is this little knob any different than actually turning the steering wheel? If you learn how to back up a trailer, this device seems worthless to me.


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Mar 16, 2015
I love the backup camera on our Edge. It makes hitching up the trailer so much easier. I only use it for the last few feet as I am used to the rear view mirror for backing a trailer. We did laugh at the dealer when they tried to sell us the park assist. If you can't parallel park you should not be driving. Ditto on the trailer backing assist. Just learn how to do it.

I almost had to give up on a manual gearbox for our other car. I could not find a manual anywhere even though it is offered. I saw a new mustang parked next to a new corvette this past weekend. Both had automatics. Talk about giving up your man card.

Sorry about the rant. Lowering the bar does not make people safer/better drivers.


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Jul 30, 2014
I agree that this is something that I would never pay for since I have been backing trailers since I was 10, but unfortunately there are a lot of newbies out that that this would be really helpful for. How many times have you either got stuck behind or just gawked at someone taking forever to back their new rig into a campsite or boat ramp?

G. Will Ickers

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Jul 31, 2014
Thats a handy gadget, I suppose, if I ever need the wife to back the trailer up.
She has no idea how, and probably won't want to learn.
Thats what husbands are for.


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May 5, 2015
Walley_eye said:
All the manufacturers will see down the road they are pricing themselves out of the market.

I think they already have. Have you priced a new, decently equiped 1/2 ton? you cant get in for under $30,000!

Add a few options and you just spent over $40,000! I remember when they only people who owned truck were the working man. Now it seems that every guy who needed to get a 2x4 once at home depot bought one. Heck, i know a few people who never even use thier beds!


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Jan 25, 2014
As it was stated, "It's all about the consumer." This is true and sadly getting out of hand in our culture. We the consumers need to wake up. We are playing right into the hand of the two-headed snake, a.k.a. the government and big corporate. They got us in a mindless trance chanting, "Oh that's cool! I need that." "I need this (or them) to protect me and make me safe." Be careful.

I agree with Wrenchgear, and I am not a mechanic. I am a highly "degreed" and experienced educator. I wish I was a mechanic. I admire resourceful people.

I don't need anymore expensive stuff that I cannot care for. We are getting dumber and dumber (less and less resourceful) as a culture while the machines are getting smarter - Could have a frightening outcome. There is a balance between the valuable utility of technology and its crippling, interrupting/annoying, and controlling impact on us. This to me is totally unnecessary and wimpy. Just as my automatic tranny, a/c, and cruise control would have been wimpy to my grandfathers. I do not need them, but my flesh likes them for comfort. But where is the line? How much indulgence are we going to allow our flesh? Truly, we all have to to determine the balance point. For me, I don't find all of the "technological gadgets" in our lives all that helpful. Most of it is stuff I don't need, and I do not want to lose my ability to be a resourceful, can-do person. I am not thinking about major technologies that save lives, improve infrastructure, etc. But when it comes to indulgent comforts and "making everything easy," I say enough and be careful lest we lose our way and become slaves to all of this stuff - and I mean "Stuff." We used to believe and know that struggle is good, too. We learn and develop character when we grow through struggles and challenges. We have shifted the balance. Perhaps previous generations struggled too much, but we are on the verge of making "struggle" a curse when in fact it is necessary and good for us (to a point).

As a teacher and mentor to many young men, I am increasingly working with the fathers of young men to create opportunities for the guys to learn how to do "things." They are growing up frighteningly inept, and dads are rightfully more and more concerned. It's not just the "doing" that matters. It's the integrity and can-do mentality that being resourceful creates. Call them the "Manly Arts," if you like. We had better be careful. We are losing the battle for kids' minds and their internal/intrinsic sense of their value and purpose. It is amazing to see these young guys light up when they take apart a small engine, run irrigation lines, repair a wall, plumb a faucet, or operate a pneumatic wrench. They're actually craving the opportunities. We had better be careful that we do not become dependent fools. Sitting at a computer and being "smart" with our technology is not the same thing. It certainly has value, but our creativity is not one dimensional, and our full design is not engaged at the "smart box" or in the tech lab. So much happens in us when we learn with our hands, our mind, and our heart working together. The brain makes zillions of connections and the soul is enlivened when we design, build, farm, fix, bake, sew, etc. Technology definitely has the power to separate us from ourselves.

We really need to assess what we do with technology. It's a good thing when kept in check and used wisely and meaningfully, not used just because we can.


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May 6, 2014
It's neat, I doubt I would want to pay for it.

Feel bad though for the parking hecklers...I guess they'll just have to watch the other brands now.


Aug 3, 2011
If a person can't back up a trailer, they shouldn't pull a trailer. To learn to back a trailer, a person must practice. There are plenty of parking lots to practice in. These sorts of " assists" are ridiculous and ultimately dangerous because they put people on the road pulling trailers dangerously.