2018 SoCal Pre-Turkey Day Rally


I'd rather be camping!!
Aug 22, 2013
San Diego via MN
2018 Pre-Turkey Day Rally
Location: Little Blair Valley CG - Anza Borrego Desert SP
GPS Coordinates: 33.0314195, -116.3809697
Date: Nov 17 - 21

Basic rules are no ground fires (fires in metal containers only), no permits of any kind, FREE disbursed camping, no water/electric, and plenty of stars!!!

I am sure there will be a pot luck or 2 or 3!!

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Heading south on S2, just past the StageCoach RV park (it will be on your right) is Mile Marker 22, and 3/10's of a mile past you make a left onto a dirt road, follow it around as you come up a hill the road goes straight or right, turn right. Follow that along until you see the dry lake bed (open area with very few plants) stay to the left until the road ends at the base of a mountain. And that is my main spot!!
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Same area a few weeks ago!!
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