3 Rivers SP. Sneads Fl 5-27-31

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    Oct 15, 2006
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    3 rivers SP finally opened after 7 months of hurricane clean up. I made my reservation as soon as Reserve America had it posted.
    I left home at about 11:00 AM and drove the 50 miles to the CG. On arrival
    I was astonished at the wreckage and devastation handed out by the hurricane
    there are debris piles 20 ' high and 50-100 feet long scattered everywhere, and no place to put them as the lumber mills are no longer accepting pine, only hardwood. I arrive at my site after a pot holed (really bad) drive from the gate to the CG, the heavy machinery and fallen trees has destroyed the pavement (due to be repaired after the machinery has left ( Only God knows when that will be) trees are down everywhere, on the way in I also saw no deer which is very unusual here, other animals are slowly coming back but are few. At my site I counted 28 tree stumps and was informed that some stumps were already removed. The handicapped sites had concrete walks and these are being removed and re-formed for new walks as the falling trees had demolished the old walks. They are putting boundary markers for the sites as all is just open now and of course a couple of campers had had an argument as to site boundary's. Over all Pebbles and I had a nice time and Pebbles was chosen to be on the new web site being made so she will probably be a star, (of course no one ask me to pose) Over all the volunteers, State workers, contractors, and Rangers have done an excellent job to get this far it will be years before things will be even close to the way it was prior to Hurricane Michael. But Pebbles and I will continue visiting 3 Rivers CG. BTW being so hot and the lake water going so low, the only fish biting were catfish and they were in min water depth of 17 Ft.
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    That's a great park, glad they got it open.

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