3rd Annual Illinois Fall Rally October 9-11 2015 - Morraine View State Park

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Oct 9, 2013
Well we left the Il Plainsman and DW sitting by the fire yesterday PM. The little boat was still waiting for fish to jump in it. [;)] Camper Mike did a nice job. Especially the nature hike. Another great rally mini adventure.


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Aug 26, 2014
Northeast Illinois
HI everyone,

We have been very busy since the Rally and this is my first chance to write. As my DW and I were first timers, we didn't know what to expect but we left feeling like we were all family.

The weekend was perfect thanks to Camper Mike and I am now the proud owner of Fat Wood. After watching and learning how to start a campfire without any man made chemicals, I believe in Fat Wood. The pop-up tips I learned were great and will make camping easier. The Potluck dinner and Raffle was a blast with great food for all. Dayton, thanks for the book. Doug, thanks for you being you, a great guy.

Amazing to learn that everyone we met with DID forget something at home, we were not alone! Christina, thanks for the hot coals, the Taco in a Bag and your Campfire dessert was just perfect.

To others that have not joined the Illinois Rallies, please don't be shy, just join this fantastic group.

The best to all,

Steve & Jody
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