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    I recently bought 2 4G WiFi routers to test them. A Mofi4500 and a KuWFi.
    The Mofi was about double the cost of the KuWfi. It also has a more feature rich GUI for setting 4G parameters. But ultimately I went with the KuWfi because in testing, it connected to the right cellular band without messing with scanning and bandlocking. I returned the Mofi.
    I also bought a pair of 15dBi LPDA antennas. In testing at my house, it turned a 4 Mbps 4G speed test on my phone into a 50 Mbps WiFi speed.
    I tested it at one of the camp grounds I intend on using it with. My phone had no service, but the KuWfi got 5Mbps. Based on the location of the cell tower, it looked like I was pointing the antenna at a hillside. Still got 5Mbps.
    I'll be mounting the antennas on a Winegard Sensar antenna mount. 2 of my favorite camping trips have atrocious 4G coverage. Spotty and intermittent at best.
    Fingers crossed.
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    Let us know how it works out.

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