'89 Coleman Columbia Evolution 3


May 22, 2021
Eastern Pennsylvania
I recently installed a new canvas on my '89 Coleman Columbia. So, the old 33 year old Evolution 3 is laying around. There was a large tear on the left bunk, the small piece to the right of the door is torn, and I had to cut the electric out of the large piece in the rear. The right bunk may be serviceable for a bit (obviously thinning in spots). Windows and screens are in good shape. It would be well suited to make patches. If anyone wants the whole thing, I'm in the Lehigh Valley in PA. Don't want to ship and it's probably not worth it anyway.
Figured I'd ask before it goes to the dump. I may be able to cut swatches and ship small patch material via USPS flat rate envelope at cost, if no takers on the whole thing, if anyone wants them.
It's the grey color.