'89 Laramie Roof and Ceiling

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    Jun 16, 2008
    The duct-tape saga continues! Now that the back panel has been fixed, I'm turning my attention to the roof. There appears to be 4 sections to the roof - left/right, front and back.

    Between the left and right sides, there is a long strip of ductape, and on the front and back pieces, there is duct tape over the plastic strips which appear to be holding the front and back panels in place.

    I've noticed that the back panel on the roof isn't tight....the slightest roof torque reveals a slight gap between the back panel and the center sections. Before I start taking out screws and pulling off roof panels, can anyone tell me if there are diagrams available for the roof system? If not, can anyone give suggestions on how to make the roof watertight?

    As far as the ceiling goes, there are ripples in the skin (presumably from previous water damage).... but the panels behind the skin seem to be in good shape. What's the best way to replace the skin?


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