'93 Coleman Destiny Electrical Ripped OUT!!??

Discussion in 'Wiring' started by klmmc13, Jun 13, 2014.

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    Hi All!

    I've just purchased an "empty box." The bill of sale says it's a 1993 Coleman Destiny Rio Grande. It's obviously a Coleman Destiny from the stickers and other such markings. It has no paperwork, It has no interior (literally).

    It DOES have roof-top AC with a large black power cord coming out of the side (interior). It's water-tight, and the tenting is in excellent shape with no tears or holes. and it cost less than the cost of just a new tent for it would have been. I've been told NOT to run the AC with an extension cord, as that will shorten the life of the AC.... He didn't tell me HOW I was supposed to power up the AC without an extension cord...

    The power cord exiting the trailer to hook up to campsite power has been cut flush with the exterior access. I have no way of knowing what other abuses have been visited upon this poor Pup. I'm NOT an electrical genius, but I'm not completely clueless either.

    Is there somewhere I can locate an electrical schematic / diagrams / lists of what is SUPPOSED to be installed in this: trailer lights, interior light, 12v hookups for cooler, small appliances, etc... 120v outlets, if any... AC/DC inverter, and what size; how it was supplied; electrical assist water pump for the sink (or if it is foot pump suction force powered. and so forth. Pictures would be helpful, if possible.

    Before I start re-creating the interior, I want to get all the electrical refurbished, and brought up to "heavy-duty" standards - able to withstand a troop of Boy Scouts, and partially disabled owners. Able to run off of "Shore Power", or a gas-powered generator, and well as whatever Battery-power it was originally outfitted with.

    This Pup will be seeing trips lasting from 3 days to 3 weeks, and some of them "dry camping"... bring it in or do without, and take it with you when you leave, sewage included. Any help you can give, suggestions you can offer, or sources for documents (I've already grabbed the Owners Manual from the files here) will be gratefully accepted.


    PS - Which area do I post Plumbing questions in? I need to find out IF there was any, and what kind, where.
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    Ye ole electric/power center won't have the charger feature, it may not even have enough capability for the air conditioner.

    As shown, power comes in via a plug, generally 30A (15A for older trailers).
    The power center distributes power just like home circuit breaker panel, usually a dedicated 20A circuit for air conditioning, in addition there is a power converter inside that 'makes' 12v for the lights. When no 120v AC is available, a battery can provide 12v for the lights (the 120v don't work via battery).

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