96 Starcraft roof repair


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Jul 9, 2012

I am the third owner of a 1996 Starcraft Starlounge 1224. I've owned it since 2005.

I've noticed that the back five feet of the side panel of the passenger side roof is getting soft. I believe it's because of a leak along the seam above. There is no evidence of a leak on the inside, but on the outside, after a rain, I get brown water leaking out of the bottom of the roof in that area.

What are my options for repair? Can that side section of the roof be replaced? Is there a product that can be injected into the soft area that would harden and seal it?

Thanks for any help.



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Mar 4, 2003
Shallotte, North Carolina
The wood on the underside of the exterior aluminum has rotted because the top roof seams were not maintained. That section of the roof side fits over the camper base and so you have not to date had an interior leak ... yet.

There have been quite a few of those type repairs made so maybe a roof repair search might turn up what your looking for. It consists of tearing into the roof and replacing the side panel(s).

Rodger D.

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Sep 29, 2010
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The sealant that was used back when the unit was new ( and The B-G's
sold a lot of song's ) has gone to the way of time. This means it is no longer
performing the way it was.

Raise the roof and remove the complete door unit. Lower the roof ( not higher
than you can reach while standing on the out-side ground ) and re-move the
canvas and the electric line for the roof lights.

If some one made sure that you have A/C ... re-move its life support system

Place two saw horse long ways next to each other and then do this again about
the lenght away from each other as the in-side distance as the roof ( soon this
will be the resting place of the roof ).

Find three others to help you "do some lifting".

Raise the roof no more than 15 inches - have one body at each corner and take
off the corner nut which is the only thing holding the roof on. There is one per
corner. Carry the roof to the saw horses and place it Up-Side Down on them.

This is easier and quicker than leaving the roof attached

If you have an "Installed Awning" now is the time to remove it.

Start removing The Roof Flex Seal - the screws holding the medal trim on and etc etc etc.


Jul 19, 2012
thanks for the replies and the excellent tips to get me started. looks like i have more rotten wood fun ahead (have replaced two boat transoms already and I am currently restoring a paramount that needs floors, stringers and transom due to rot)