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    Jun 20, 2019
    We are newbies to the pop up and repair worlds... so please bear with us! We bought our pop up with the promise from previous owner that there were no major repairs, just “elbow grease” needed. Roof sagging and major leaking through the ac proved that wrong, among other things. We removed ac, had a welder add braces and roof sag is all fixed! Hooray! Now we are thinking of getting rid of the ac (major rusting, subsequent damage, needing new parts- not sure we want to spend the hundreds of $ if we aren’t sure the whole system will even work). I thought maybe we could add a fan vent but that seems to require us cutting into the abs roof to make a single hole out of the two current ac holes. How would one without any “fixer upper” skills do that? Is there another way to cover up the holes on the inside and outside? We live in Michigan and are thinking of just buying fans for the inside. I added a pic of the inside holes for reference.

    (I have spent hours searching here and Google/ YouTub but can’t find anyone removing their ac or replacing ac with fan vent; with abs roof)
    Thank you for you help!

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    There are a variety of tools that could be used to do this, but, frankly, cutting those into a single 14" opening for a 'standard' roof vent/fan is probably the easiest way to solve this problem. Personally, I'd probably use a sawzall with a finer toothed blade, use a stencil to mark your cut, then simply cut it out. The one caveat I'd add is that you haven't posted dimensions of the overall opening outer edge to outer edge, so, if that overall length is greater than the 14" standard, doing that wouldn't work without some additional materials & work.

    If you were to simply cover the holes with, say some plywood/foam stacked together, and cut to fit, then an exterior waterproof layer (plus sealant of course), and an interior layer, you are talking about a fair amount of sealing, and tying it in and matching it up... it's certainly NOT going to look as good as simply cutting the hole out to a 14x14, and will be a LOT less functional (obviously).
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    If you have a multi tool that might be a better saw to use. Less vibration. Depends on your comfort level, or ask some of tou freinds if they can help cut it.
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    Having installed A/C on our then new 2000 Santa Fe I could tell you how to do it but of course the end result depends very much on your DIY skills. In the pic you've posted I can see 3 of the 4 small holes that mark the location of a standard 14" vent hole, the 4th is no doubt hidden by that cable hanging in the foreground. If you do choose to do this I would HIGHLY recommend you follow Fleetwood's instructions for cutting a 14" vent hole in an ABS roof.


    You absolutely do NOT want square corners which will quickly allow the ABS skin to split and spread out from the hole. You only get once chance to do this so you want to do it right first time - there are no "do overs". :(

    In my case I used a drill stand to first cut round corners, then once those were cut I made up a masonite template to use as a guide for my jig saw, ensuring straight cut lines. Since I was installing A/C I did cut 2 holes - one intake, one exhaust - but for a vent fan you would want to cut a single 14" vent hole. For reference here's a series of pics of my own installation - click on the "i" at the top right of any pic for a text description.


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