'98 Coachmen Battery Op Lift System issue


Jan 3, 2015
I have the same setup as as this fellow camper:


My problem just started happening although I haven't owned the camper long. I can only get the winch to go in one direction. To get the motor to reverse I have to manually swap the middle two wires.
There are 6 connections. The top and the bottom are "jumpered" on both sides and the middle two are on their own and those are the one's I have to swap like so:

[ . . ]

Any ideas? I've already tried a new switch and same problem. All was working well and 15 minutes before departure time I had to deal with this unexpected fire drill when the top wouldn't drop.

This is my first sled and I though the auto up/down was a big plus but now I wonder.

Any help greatly appreciated.