A couple of awning mods in the works

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    So I'm just sort of thinking out loud here.

    The first thing that I have been gearing up to do is to add some velcro retaining strips inside the awning back to hold the awning in place while I roll it up. My first PUP had them from the manufacturer and I thought there wasn't any other way it came. Well, the current PUP has 13.5 feet of awning and it is a BUGGER to hold the bag rolled up while trying to operate the zipper to close it all up.

    With the velcro at the ends and one in the middle, it let me easily zip it up all nice and tidy. Also, there was no weight on the awning bag itself, as the velcro went up inside and around, stitched to the rubber track as well.

    So, I am thinking of undoing about 2 inches of the stitches at around the same places and inserting the velcro then stitching it back up. I have to lock the existing stitching so it doesn't come unravelled but that's no biggie. I have everything waiting, just need to actually do it.

    Which, leads me to my second thought. When inspecting the awning tonight, I only just now noticed the velcro that is under each side edge. I presume this is there for the Add A Room that is a love/hate thing. I like the idea of attaching the top all along the way with velcro, but still mulling this over. I carry along a general purpose tarp but this would be rather purpose-built, and probably not used very often.

    Anyone have examples of side screens they've made using that or similar setups?

    I have a FirstUP with the wind screen walls that wrap around it, but sometimes I want to block that side wind and rain at the awning.
    It will likely be made of tarp material, so far in my mental plans.

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