A-Frame Hardside Pop-Up; One Foot into The Darkside?


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Mar 7, 2017
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I guess this is an opinion request -- do tent PUP owners view A-frames as cheating, would one consider it a a little dark... what do the purists believe? What do any A-framers think? Or should both groups get together and pick on Hybrids?
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Mar 6, 2016
Streator, IL
Who cares? If you want one or already have one and like it, it doesn't really matter. What counts is if YOU enjoy it. And it does pop up, a little anyway. [;)]


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Oct 15, 2011
DE and NH
New A framer here. This time of year, I'd describe it more like one foot on the warmer and quieter side. ;) Since Feb we've done 2 trips from DE south in the Aliner. I think other than one warm weekend in SC the only other place we have seen tent trailers was in FL.

Yes, you lose the view and feeling of open-ness that tent trailers have (my Quicksilver 10 felt like a screen house) but when it drops into the 20's those hard sides help keep you toasty. ;) Additionally when you wind up in campgrounds that feel are more like parking lots (like Myrtle Beach State Park a few nights ago) you appreciate the hard sides keeping out the conversations from the folks a few feet away from the camper.

All methods of camping have their pros and cons. All that matters is what is right for your family at that moment in time. We had a Hybrid years ago when the boys were small and for us, that was the perfect setup for us at the time. (Bought it for a cross country trip in 2001)


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Jul 2, 2016
I've had my Aliner for over a year now. I've camped in it 11 times since. It's been awesome camping in it.

An Aframe can provide you the many comforts of a small trailer but tows and stores easily like a canvas PopUp. It's like going to the Grey side as described before. You can camp comfortably in a campground. Camp in a smaller campsite if preferred. Plus, I get to camp at places that larger trailers and RV's can't fit or go. My Aliner can go off-road into secluded forest roads and is self contained. It's easy to cool down with the AC or heat up with the furnace. The interior space isn't too big to keep cool or warm like larger trailers. I have many options camping with my Aliner. It fits our camping lifestyle.