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bob barnes

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Mar 26, 2017
I just got my smad fridge running not too easy to get hooked up in the Scout this is the only addition we will make, No bathroom, no shower and no tv life is hard with an A-Liner but cheap!!!!


I miss my Camping Family...
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Oct 4, 2015
Muskoka, Ontario
2014 Aliner Ranger 15 off-road. First owner. It had been sitting on a dealer's lot in Sherbrooke QC. I just had a high wind/lift kit installed.


Jul 10, 2017
Coos Bay, OR
Just bought a "project" 1999 neglected 12' Aliner. The title lists the model as "Sofa" so I am unsure of the correct model. It has 14" wheels and high ground clearance so it seems to have the off-road option. The right side has the usual large window behind the door. The door has a window in the top half. There is no window forward of the door. There are two vents in the front roof section ( 1 cover was missing but I bought one today), and the original horizontal large window in the lower front roof section is now gone and covered over. No window ever in the rear roof section. Had a rear sofa (cushions only are there now, no sofa/bed support. Front dinette w/ cushions and post/table. Has working AC., cabinet w/ sink (missing faucet w/ hand pump) and propane stove. Fresh and grey water tanks missing (going to use inside plastic 2-5 gallon jugs). Has propane furnace and gas hoses and dual regulator w/ bottle connector but no bottle. I have a propane bottle to mount upfront on rear of hitch(mount is incomplete). I bought a porta-potti for which I will make a low enclosure maybe a la Youtube potatohead video modigfication) (not sure where yet.) Some internal wiring is there , outlets aren't. Has 7 prong female ended hitch pigtail. I just bought a 7 prong male to 4 prong (3 female, 1 male) adapter to give me lights from my tow vehicle going shortly from AZ to OR (1 way trip). Floor has all been replaced w/ 3/4 " plywood. Under frame looks great, hubs have grease zerk fittings. Replaced missing spare whel and tire, mounted on spare tire carrier that was there. Right rear and right front corners need rebuilding (separated and opened up). Lots of other repairs, modifications, cabinetry, etc. to come. Needs deep cycle battery, 12v to 110v Inverter, 110v to 12v charger, fire extinguisher, microwave, NICE vinyl or laminate floor, inside lights, 110v. 20 or 30 amp power cord, fix, replace, repair running lights outside, door lock key, baggage compartment keys. And that's just what I know about after 2 days of ownership.

My wife hated it on first seeing this "garbage" as she put it before I later bought it over her strong objection, so now I have to overcome that by making it really nice. Kind of looking forward to that project. And I didn't spend any cash to get it--traded for a pistol I had previously traded for a low value long parked project car. So I can afford to invest a fair amount in it without being "upside down" in it. At least I don't have to worry about the engine or transmission as I have had to on previous motor homes!

Anyone have a guess about model? It seems it has/had more than the standard 1999 Scout equipment. Kind of seems like an older version of the Ranger 12. But I haven't seen any reference to Rangers being that old. I do like the folding hard dormers now optional on the Rangers and will think about later adding 1 or 2 of those, especially where the large front window/skylight used to be up front. Doesn't look very difficult to make and install. Any and all comments and suggestions are welcome by this newbie.