A good mod weekend.

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    Jul 3, 2008
    We didn't get out camping this weekend, but now that we have a few trips under out belts with the new to us pup, it was time to start modding. In our recent trips, two things became clear. The fridge does not keep things as cold as I would like, and nearly every horizontal surface in the pup is covered with personal items belonging to my wife and daughter. To address these two problems, I installed a 12 volt fan on the fridge and wire bunk end shelves.

    I have not gotten around to taking any pics yet, but both jobs where simple after reading the great posts on this forum and looking at the pics others have posted. Thank you all for the help.

    The fridge will now keep items near freezing, even when it is not set to it's coldest setting on propane(and the temp has been in the low 90s).

    I am a little afraid that I have not solved the problem of my girls stacking clothes, beauty cases and the like on all the seats and counter tops. They may just see the shelves as a reason to bring along more stuff. I will report back after the next trip. At least my beer will be cold.
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    welcome to the site and congrats on the new mods !

    I am afraid that the shelves WILL become the "ooooh! the more stuff extra space"
    but thank goodness you now have the colder frig for more beer.

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