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    A lucky occasion for me that I work in a great tire shop with a good boss who lets us take care of our own vehicles when slow business allows. On a reimbursed basis, I get to use my Ranger and DGF's sons' utility trailer to move tires between stores. Well it was time for routine maintenance on the trailer, so up on the lift it went. Bearings and axles cleaned , inspected and lubed. Man that's too easy when it's all at a raised level with the hips, and the air wrench. Is handy. Coincidentally, a customers utility double axle trailer was in for four fresh tires. (ST 2256016 E). Torque wrenched the hardware, repaired a weak blinker light connection, and lowered it perfectly to the hitch ball. Ready for another few months of revenue service. BTW, the grease is a shop supply item :). Total maint cost - ZILCH. Plus, it's in my bosses' interest that the trailer is available for use.

    SO, here's the critical question that I do NOT know - WHEN we get our pup, is is safe to lift them using an automotive lift, and if so, what would be the proper lift points? I'm guessing the frame rail fore and aft of the spring attach points. Or is a different reference point better. Our lifts are at four pints on the lift arms, and the pads at the end of the arms are flat, can pivot to be in line with the lift point, or flip up to isolate a specific point,

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