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Steelman Man

I'm just the Cook
Feb 1, 2010
kurtes said:
I figured it wouldn't be too difficult to make the feet on the uprights so they would slide onto the fire ring somehow, I suppose that with a longer bar across the fire the feet could still be outside the ring.
We cooked on the grates that are on the fire ring last time, I like the idea of your griddle though. I need to go reread the details.
You're right, it wouldn't be to hard to make that work. The problem is not all the fire ring designs are the same. I will be the first to admit that there are many features that would be really neat to have but, they all cost money to add. During all the designing and production that I went through with this product I was continually faced with cost, cost, cost.
I am working on a battery operated rotisserie that I think I'll be able to sell for around $60.00, but I haven't gotten the final quotes in yet.


May 9, 2007
Thanks for the idea there as well i might weld me up one of those too, and the lower price seems very fair considering the cost of steel these days, its not cheap to buy steel and then there is the labor. Good to see something made in America and its very hard to compete with China, heck i wanted to weld me a welding cart but it was cheaper to buy one made in China than to buy raw metals and make it myself!! Its disgusting!! I build and sell smokers and its hard to sell them at a reasonable price because materials are so high it just doesnt add u by the time I figure in labor forget about it.

Steelman Man

I'm just the Cook
Feb 1, 2010
Good Luck! If you run across anyone who can't weld and might be interest in one of these please refer them.


Wherever you go, there you are...
Aug 2, 2011
Steinbach, MB
Fantastic idea, Steelman!

Just thinking, you might also want to consider selling the plans as an Adobe PDF download. If you've got a patent on it, you're covered. It's much easier to sell a $9.95 download through PayPal than it is to sell a finished product and ship it. Plus you can sell plans cross-border without having to worry about Canada Customs, package tracking and shipping delays.

You can still sell parts and finished product as well, but selling the plans is where you'd likely see some serious ROI and quickly too.

No work, no initial cash investment, no supplies, no tools, no shipping, no warranty or return issues = Pure profit!

Just sayin'.......

Get those finished units for sale in Cabella's or other hunting/fishing/camping stores and you're set! Great product here, bud! Well done!


Pup to Hybrid
Apr 5, 2013
Anyone tried this method?

Someone posted this on Pintrest.. thought it was cool.