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    In another post I showed how the end bench was moved to the side to give us more walking space the length of the pop up. By doing that we also gained better access to that storage area beside the fridge. In some campers that space might be a cassette commode. In ours it’s a hole. Now that it is accessible we wanted to make the most of it. We used a “camping box” for 30+ years that the wife’s folks had gotten in the mid 60s but the space and size were getting old. That hole gave us the opportunity to eliminate the big box for one that will drop in. 16x16x21. Set the shelves to the height needed by your camping experience. It just drops in. The dowel approach was used to air movement.
    I also modified the lid. The hinge is gone in favor of a lip and slot along with a bumper on the front to keep it from sliding off. Parting with the hinge allowed an extra inch of depth.
    All that remains is to put a block on the floor so that it doesn’t rub the rear light wires in the bottom of the hole.

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