Acres of Wildlife, Steep Falls, ME

Discussion in 'Maine' started by Mamagoogins, May 27, 2015.

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    Jun 20, 2014
    As promised, a review for our experience this past weekend at Acres of Wildlife. First, be aware that there is a 3 mile dirt road to get to the campground. It has been graded but it will still shake your teeth until your mouth is numb. Put your windows up - the dust is almost blinding. Keep's worth the effort.

    CAMPGROUND: This is a big campground. It's so big, we didn't explore the entire thing. It was busy but not crazy for a holiday weekend. They are pet friendly and have a pond just for dogs to swim in. There is an additional pond for human swimming, fishing and boating (no motors). You can pay a fee to dock your non-motor boat or rent one from the camp. They have the biggest camp store I have ever seen. If you forgot anything...and I mean will find it in that store. From pirate gear to tribal masks to toys to tools to camper needs to nuts and bolts to food to hand made furniture to lawn ornaments, it's all there. The prices are reasonable as well. I bought a razor for $.99. The bathrooms and showers are new. The showers are quite private, hot water and kept very clean. Bring your own soap and paper towels as none are available in the bathrooms. We ate at the Chub Pub (yes, really the name) for lunch and will not do that again. The food was cold, fried and terrible. We will be bringing our own lunch food for next year. Quiet time begins at 10:30. They are not strict and allow music and quiet gatherings by the fire but by 11, the campground was pretty much silent.

    SITE: We stayed in B3A which is in a newer part of the campground. Our site was very large! We had room for the pop up, two vehicles and if we had wanted to put up a full sized bouncy house and inflatable hot tub there would have been room to spare. The entire site is soft sand so it took a little extra work to back up and get level. Each site has the normal picnic table and fire ring. This site gets more sun than many others I saw and it is sheltered from the wind that comes off the pond. Our camp was easily 10 degrees warmer than our friend's who were just down the road about 4 sites closer to the pond. On a hot day, you would want a pop up tent for shade over the picnic table. For spring and cooler temps, it worked out great. This site is a 3 minute walk to either a small one stall bathroom or the bigger bathroom/shower. It is an easy 5 minute walk to the store and kids activities.

    THINGS TO DO: The activities board was filled from 10 am until 10 pm. The campground has activities all day for kids. You will pay for every activity they do. We were not travelling with young kids but I noticed a few of the activities. There was a tie-dying event. The t-shirts were $5 each for kids. The pie-eating contest cost $1 to enter. They had movies for a fee but I don't know the charge for that. They had family karaoke, a family dance, non-hay rides, and catch and release fishing all for free. There is a nice mini-golf course, game room, volleyball net, and basketball court. They had happy hour for adults. We were there for relaxation so we didn't take advantage of any of the activities but next year, we will probably check out the family dance.

    FINAL THOUGHTS: We enjoyed our weekend very much. We pre-booked for next year in the same spot so that tells you something. Our friends pre-booked as well in the site directly next to ours instead of up by the pond. It's a great family campground filled with things to do for the kids and critters. I would definitely recommend it.
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    Thank you for your detailed CG review. Hopefully, we can schedule a vacation in Maine next year.
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    I have not been but I do remember that road, it is long. Sounds like it has gotten better since we camped there. Hoping to try it again at some point.
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    I have to chime in as we go to AOW twice a year. Once as a family, and once for their adults only weekend.

    My kids LOVE it here. Plenty of playgrounds, a nice beach for swimming or boating. The restaurant is nice too. The pizza is great and we love eating when they have a live band or even karaoke going on. Mini golf, arcade, and lots of other family activities. We’ve seen a magician, an exotic animal show, done beach games hosted by the camp etc. I have nothing but great things to say!

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