Acronym List (We use a lot of acronyms)

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    I had to start another thread, since the first acronym list had grown so large. It passed the 10,000 character limit, so I started shortening word spellings and it became almost unreadable. This list is divided into six post.

    4WD- 4 Wheel Drive
    5er- 5th wheel trailer
    AA- Android Auto
    AAA- American Automobile Association
    AAR- Add-A-Room
    ABF- Anything But Ford
    ABS- Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
    ABS - Automated Braking System / Anti-lock Brake System
    ABQ- Albuquerque
    AC- Alternating Current
    A/C- Air Conditioning
    ADK(s)- Adirondack(s)
    AEP- American Electric Power
    AF- Anti-Freeze
    AFAIK- As Far As I Know
    AGL- Above Ground Level
    AGM- Absorbed Glass Mat
    AH- Amp Hour(s)
    AKA- Also Known As
    AMC- American Motors Corporation
    AOC- Aliners Owners Club
    A&P- Airframe & Powerplant (Aircraft Mechanic)
    AS- Airstream
    ASAP- As Soon As Possible
    ATS- Automatic Transfer Switch
    AT(V)- All Terrain (Vehicle)
    AUX- Auxiliary
    AWD- All Wheel Drive
    AWOL- Absent Without Leave
    BA- Bad A$$ (Boombox)
    BAMH- Big A$$ Mobile/Motor Home
    BAPU- Big A$$ Pop Up
    Barrings- Should be bearings
    BB- Buddy Bearing / Blueberry (Pancakes) / Battle Born
    BBC- British Broadcast Corporation
    BBC- ??? (buttons for tags and nesting on Portal post)
    BBQ- Barbeque or Barbecue
    BC- Because / Brake Controller
    BD- Boondock
    BDI- Battery Discharge Indicator
    BF- Boy Friend
    BFF- Best Friend Forever
    BFH- Big F..king Hammer
    BH- Bunk House/Black Hills
    BITOG- Bob Is The Oil Guy
    BLEVE- Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion
    Blinkers- = Signals (They are Turn Signals)
    BLM - Bureau of Land Management
    BMS- Battery Management System
    BMW- Bavarian Motor Works / Bayerische Motoren Werke
    BNB- Bed And Breakfast
    BOAT- Break/Bust Out Another Thousand
    BOF- Body On Frame (Vehicle Construction)
    BOR- Board Of Review / Bureau Of Reclamation
    BP- Blood Pressure
    Breaks- =Brakes (This is a common word usage mistake, and a pet peeve of many). Brakes break. Broke brakes, do not brake.
    BRP- Blue Ridge Parkway
    BS- Bull $hit
    BTDT(GTTS)- Been There Done That (Got The T-Shirt)
    BTT- Bookmark This Thread
    BTW- By The Way
    BW- Bike Week
    BW(T)- Bulk Water (Tank)
    BWCAW- Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness
    CA- Cyanoacrylate (Super Glue)
    CAA- Canadian Automobile Association
    CAD- Canadian Dollar / Computer or Cardboard Aided Design
    CAFE- Corporate Average Fuel Economy
    CAN- Controller Area Network
    CARB / ARB- California Air Resource Board
    CB- Circuit Breaker / Citizens Band (Radio)
    CBBT- Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel
    CC- Community College / Cruise Control
    CC- C.Crane- (Radio company started by Bob Crane) I still don't know what the first C is for.
    CCC- Cargo Carrying Capacity / Civilian Conservation Corps
    CCH- Coach
    CD- Compact Disc
    CDC- Center for Disease Control
    CDL- Commercial Drivers License
    CDR- Concur as the Disaster Recovery (Manager - Navy)
    CEL- Check Engine Light
    CEO- Chief Executive Officer
    CFO- Chief Financial Officer
    CFS- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    CHMSL- Center High Mounted Stop Light
    CHP- California Highway Patrol
    CI- Cast Iron
    CID- Cubic Inch Displacement
    CL- CraigsList
    CLR- Calcium Lime Rust (Stain Remover)
    CG - Campground
    CMA- Cover My A$$
    CMP- Camper
    CNA- Certified Nurse Assistant
    CNC- Computer Numerical Control (Machining)
    CNW- Columbia NorthWest (builds Aliners)
    CNX- Cancelled
    COE- Corps of Engineering
    COG- Center Of Gravity
    COO- Chief Operations Officer
    COP- Coil On Plug
    CoG- Center of Gravity
    CP- Cassette Potty
    CPAP- Continuous Positive Airway Press
    CPUP- Canvas Pop Up
    CPVC- Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride
    CRD- Capital Regional District
    CS- Camp Site
    CSA- Community Supported Agriculture
    CSP- Crawford State Park
    CTB- Crud/Crap That Breaks
    CUV- Crossover Utility Vehicle
    CV- Corona Virus
    CVT- Continuous Variable Transmission
    CW- Camping World
    CYA- Cover Your A$$
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    DA- Dual Action (Buffer)
    DAM(Q)- Dumb A$$ Moment (Question)
    DB- Daughter's Boyfriend
    DBAD- Don't Be A ****** / Dick
    DC- Direct Current
    DCC- Digital Command Control (Model Trains)
    DD- Dunkin Donuts
    DDT- Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (Pesticide)
    DE- Domestic Engineer
    DEC- Department of Environmental Conservation (New York)
    DEET- N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide or diethyltoluamide
    DEF- Diesel Exhaust Fluid
    DEP- Department of Environmental Protection
    DFG- Department of Fish & Game
    DFW- Dallas-Fort Worth
    DGD/S- Dear Grand Daughter/Son
    DH/W/D/S/GK- Dear/Dumb/Damn/Darling Husband/Wife/Daughter/Son/Grand Kid
    DIL- Daughter In Law
    DIY- Do It Yourself
    DL- Drivers License
    DMM- Digital Multi Meter
    DMV- Department of Motor Vehicles
    DCNR- Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
    DNR- Department of Natural Resources
    DOA- Dead On Arrival
    DOB- Dobsonian (Telescope)
    DO(G)- Dutch Oven (Gathering)
    DOHC- Dual Over Head Cams
    DPS- Department of Public Safety
    DQT- Drama Queen Teen
    DRL- Daytime Running Lights
    DSG- Direct Shift Gearbox (Transmission)
    DSI- Direct Spark Ignition
    DSLR- Digital Single Lens Reflex
    DST- Daylight Savings Time
    DT- Discount Tire
    DTA- Don't Trust Anyone
    DV- Death Valley
    DVD- Digital Video Disc
    DVM- Digital Voltmeter
    DW- Dear Wife
    EAB- Emerald Ash Borer (Beetle)
    EB- Emerald Bay
    ECM- Engine Control Module
    ECU- Engine Control Unit
    ED- Emergency Department
    EEE- Eastern Equine Encephalitis
    E&J- Ernest and Julio (Gallo) Brandy
    ELS- Electric Lift System (Roof)
    EMF- Electromotive Force (Motors)
    EMS- Electricity Management System
    EMT- Electrical Metallic Tubing
    ENT- Ear Nose Throat
    EPDM- Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (Roof Membrane)
    EPS- Extruded Polystyrene
    ERS- Emergency Road Service
    ESP- Extended Service Plan
    ETA/D- Estimated Time of Arrival/Departure
    ETX- East Texas
    EU- European Union
    EVA- Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (Foam pads)
    EVS- Electronic Variable Speed (Drill)
    EW- Electric Winch
    FA- Fast Attack (Navy)
    FB- FaceBook
    FC- Fire Control
    FCC- Federal Communication Commission
    FCFS- First Come First Served
    FD- Fire Department
    FFT- Fleetwood Folding Trailer
    FIFO- First In First Out
    FIL- Father-In-Law
    FLA- Flooded Lead Acid / Florida
    FLD- Flooded (Battery)
    FnR- Fold & Roll Trailer / For No Reason / Find & Replace
    FOMO- Fear Of Missing Out
    FP- Female Plug
    FPB- Frameless Pontoon Boat
    FPGA- Field-Programmable Gate Array
    FTCA- Folding Trailer Camper Association (Coleman)
    FTR- Full Time Resident / For The Record
    FTW- For The Win
    FRP- Fiber Reinforced Plastic
    FRS- Family Radio Service
    FHU- Full Hook Ups
    FS- Forest Service / For Sale / Four Season (Campground or Tent)
    FUBAR- F..ked Up Beyond A Repair
    FW- Fresh Water
    FWC- Four Wheel Camper
    FWCC- Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
    FWD- Front Wheel Drive
    FWIW- For What Its Worth
    FWT- Fresh Water Tank
    FYI- For Your Information
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    GAWR- Gross Axle Weight Rating (Maximum rating of the trailer axle)
    GC- Grand Canyon / Golf Cart / Grand Caravan
    GCVWR- Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating
    GDPR- General Data Protection Regulation (EU)
    GF- Girl Friend
    GFCI/GFI- Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter / Ground Fault Interrupter
    GG- Grizzly Grip (Tape)
    <GG>- Grinning
    <GGG>- Grins and Giggles
    GK- Grand Kid/Kids
    GMRS- General Mobile Radio Service
    GPAA- Gold Prospectors Association of America
    GPS- Global Position System
    GRITS- Girls Raised In The South
    GS- Girl Scout(s)
    GSMNP- Great Smokey Mountains National Park
    GTA- Greater Toronto Area
    GT(NP)- Grand Tetons (National Park)
    GTW- Gross Trailer Weight
    GVWR- Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (Maximum trailer can weigh loaded with camping gear)
    GTW- Gross Tongue Weight
    HD- Heavy Duty / Honorable Discharge / Harley Davidson / Hard Drive
    HDTV- High Definition TV
    H-E-B- Grocery store owned by Howard E. Butts
    HF- Harbor Freight
    HHR- Heritage High Roof
    HL- Highlander (truck)
    HOA- Home Owners Association
    HP- High Pressure
    HS- High School
    HTH- Hope That Helps
    HTT- Hybrid Travel Trailer
    HTTP(S)- Hypertext Transfer Protocol (Secure)
    HVAC- Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning
    HW(T)- High Wall / Hot Water (Tank)
    HWH- Hot Water Heater (2nd water heater when plumbed in series?; They are just water heaters)
    HWOD- Hot Water On Demand
    IBA- Iron Butt Association (Motorcycle Term)
    ICE- In Case of Emergency
    ICW- InterCoastal Waterway
    ID- Inside Diameter / Identification / Identical (Twins)
    IDK- I Don't Know
    IDT- Innovative Design Technologies LLC (Lift System)
    IFF- IF & only IF (math shorthand)
    IIRC- If I Recall/Remember Correctly
    IKR- I Know Really
    IMAO- In My Arrogant Opinion
    IMHO- In My Humble Opinion
    IMO- In My Opinion
    IMSA- International Motor Sports Association
    IR- Ingersoll Rand
    IRS- Independent Rear Suspension
    ISO- In Search Of
    ISO file- Image of a CD/DVD
    IWC- Inches Water Column (Inches Of Water Supported By Gas Pressure)
    IWE- Integrated Wheel End (Ford 4wd Controller)
    JFBH- Jews For Bacon & Ham [:D]
    JH- Jackson Hole
    JMO- Just My Opinion
    JOMO- Joy Of Missing Out
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    KC- Kansas City
    KDH- Kill Devil Hills (North Carolina)
    KFC- Kentucky Fried Chicken
    KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid
    KKD- Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
    KOA- Kampground Of America
    KoTS- Kick off To Summer (Rally)
    L/D- Long Distance
    L8R- Later
    LAL- Long A$$ List
    LAP- ??? (Sealant)
    LBC- Long Beach, California
    LBS- Local Bike Store
    LED-Light Emitting Diode
    LEO- Law Enforcement Officer
    LERKING- Learning & Lurking
    LL- Livin'Lite
    LLC- Limited Liability Cooperation
    LOG- Laws Of Gravity
    LOL- Laugh Out Loud / Lots Of Love
    LOS- Line Of Site
    LP- Low Pressure
    LP(G)- Liquefied Petroleum (Gas)
    LR- Load Range (Tires)
    LSD- Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (Drug)
    LT- Light Truck (Tire)
    LTC- Long Term Care
    LVL- Laminated Veneer Lumber
    LVP- Luxury Vinyl Plank
    LW- Little Wife / Late Wife
    MAC- Most Affordable Camper
    MB- Mercedes Benz
    MBR- Master Bedroom / Member
    MC- Master Cylinder (Brakes)
    MDPE- Medium-density polyethylene
    MF- Memory Foam
    MFD- Microfarad (Capacitor)
    MFG- Manufacturer
    MH- Motor Home
    MIA- Missing In Action
    MIG- Metal Inert Gas (Welder)
    MIL- Mother In Law
    MKV- Matroska Video (File type)
    MMO- Marvel Mystery Oil
    MoHo - Motor Home (Class A, B, or C)
    MOVs- Metal Oxide Varistors
    MP- Male Plug
    MPG- Miles Per Gallon
    MPLS- Minneapolis
    MPPT- Maximum Power Point Tracking (Solar Charge Controllers)
    MRE- Meals Ready to Eat
    MRI- Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    MSL- Mean Sea Level
    MSRP- Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price
    MSW- Modified Sine Wave (Inverters)
    MTA- Metropolitan Transportation Authority (NYC)
    MTN- Mountain
    MV- Mesa Verde
    NADA- National Automobile Dealers Association
    NAR- North America Rally
    NAS- Navel Air Station
    NB- New Brunswick (Canada)
    NEW- Never Ever Worked (Unproven equipment newly installed)
    NF- National Forest
    NFPA- National Fire Prevention Association
    NFS- National Forest Service
    NHTSA- National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    NICU- Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
    NIMBY- Not In My Back Yard
    NLGI- National Lubricating Grease Institute
    NM- National Monument
    NOAA- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association
    NOS- New Old Stock
    NP- National Park
    NR- Number
    NRA- National Rifle Association / National River & Recreation Area
    NT- Northern Tool / Northwest Territory
    NTB- National Tire and Battery
    NTM/N2M- New To Me
    NTU/N2U- New To Us
    NTY/N2Y- New To You
    NVM- Never Mind
    NWS- National Weather Service
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    OAI- Outdoor Adventures Incorporated
    OB- Outback
    OBX- Outer Banks
    OCD- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    OCI- Oil Change Interval
    OD- Outside Diameter / Over Drive
    ODNR- Ohio Department of Natural Resources
    OEM- Original Equipment Manufacturer
    OKC- Oklahoma City
    OMG- Oh My Gosh
    OP- Original Post(er)
    OPD valve- Overfill Protection Device- ACME thread (QCC)
    OPP- Ontario Provincial Police / Park(s)
    OSB- Oriented Strand Board (Beaver Barf)
    OT- Off Time / Over Time
    OTA- Over The Air (Television Signal)
    OTD- Out The Door
    OTOH- On The Other Hand
    OTR- Over The Road / On The Road
    PA- Princess Auto / Aviation (Canadian Companies)
    PB- Particle Board
    PB(&J)- Peanut Butter (& Jelly)
    PC- Politically Correct / Powder Coat
    PCB- Printed Circuit Board
    PD- Progressive Dynamics (Converter)
    PDA- Public Display of Affection
    PDF- Portable Document Format
    PDI- Pre-Delivery Inspection
    PDQ- Pretty Damn Quick
    PDX- Portland, OR- (Airport Code)
    PE- Physical Education
    PETT- Portable Environmental ToileT
    PEX- Cross-Linked Polyethylene
    PG&E- Pacific Gas & Electric
    PINS- Padre Island National Seashore
    PITA- Pain In The A$$
    PHD- Latin: Philosophiae Doctor / Doctor of Philosophy / Piled Higher Deeper
    PL/D- Personal Liability / Damage
    PM- Preventive Maintenance / Private Message
    PMS- Pain Management Specialist
    PNP- Pack / Plug & Play
    PNW- Pacific NorthWest
    PO- Previous Owner
    POI- Point Of Interest
    POL valve- Prest-O-Lite (Company- uses left-hand thread)
    POS- Piece of $hit
    POV- Point Of View
    PP- Provincial Park / Porta Potty / Previous Post
    PPL- People
    PRV- Pressure Relief Valve
    PSA- Public Service Announcement
    PSI- Pounds per Square Inch
    PSM- Prior Service Marine
    PSW- Pure Sine Wave (Inverters)
    PT- Physical Therapy
    PTFE- Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon)
    PTI- Permanent Trailer Identification
    PTO- Personal Time Off
    PUG- Pop Up Gizmo
    PUP, Pup, or PU- Pop Up
    PUP- PopUpPortal
    PUSH- Pray Until Something Happens
    PV- Photovoltic (Solar Cells)
    PVC- Polyvinyl Chloride
    PWM- Pulse Width Modulation (Controllers)
    PWP- Popup With Problems
    QC- Quality Control
    QCC valve- Quick Closing Connection- ACME thread (OPD)
    QD- Quick Disconnect
    QS- Quick Silver (Camper)
    QT- Quarantine Tent
    RA- Reserve America
    RCAF- Royal Canadian Air Force
    RVDA- RV Dealers Association
    Reefer- Refrigerator
    RF- Radio Frequency
    REI- Recreational Equipment Inc
    RMNP- Rocky Mountain National Park
    RMV- (Massachusetts something)
    RO- Reverse Osmosis
    ROFLMAO- Rolling On Floor Laughing My A$$ Off
    RR- Railroad
    RSA or R/A- Roadside Assistant
    RT- Round Trip
    RTFM- Read The F..king Manual
    RTT- Roof Top Tent
    RUG- Regular Unleaded Gas
    RVIA- Recreation Vehicle Industry Association
    RVQ- Russel VitcO ??? (Grill)
    RVT- RV Trader / RVing with Tito
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    SAE- Society of Automotive Engineers
    SAHD/M- Stay At Home Dad/Mom
    SBC- Small Block Chevy
    SERT- State/ Special/ Sheriff/ Security/ Staff Emergency Response Team
    SF- Spotted Fever / Square Foot
    SHW-Super High Wind
    SHTF- $hit Hit(s) The Fan
    SIG- Signature (In Portal Personal Info)
    SIL- Son In Law
    SIP- Stay In Place (Covid 19)
    SLA- Sealed Lead Acid (Battery)
    SLC- Salt Lake City
    SM- Scout Master
    SMD- Surface Mounted Devices (LED Lights)
    SMH- Shaking My Head
    SMNP- Smoky Mountain National Park
    SMPS- Switched Mode Power Supply
    SNF- Sequoia National Forest
    SO- Significant Other
    SOA- Spring Over Axle
    SOB- Son Of Bitch
    SOC- State Of Charge (Battery)
    SOL- $hit Outta Luck
    SOT- Sit On Top (Kayak)
    SOTF- Sisters On The Fly
    SP- State Park / Surge Protector
    SPH- Slim Potatohead (YouTube Aliner Guru)
    SPUT- Stupid Pop Up Trick
    SRO- Student Resource Officer
    SS- SumoSprings / Stainless Steel
    STFU- Shut The F... Up
    STL- St. Louis (Missouri)
    SUV- Sport Utility Vehicle
    SV- Sun Valley (Camper)
    SW- Station Wagon / Short Wave / South West
    SWAG- Stupid/Super Wild A$$ Guess
    SWMBO- She Who Must Be Obeyed
    SWPPP- Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
    TBC- Truck Bed Camper
    TBD/H- To Be Determined / Honest
    TBL- Third Brake Light
    T&C- Town and Country (minivan)
    TCC- Torque Converter Clutch
    TCO- Total Cost of Operating
    TDI- ???
    TGW- Things Gone Wrong
    TIA- Thanks In Advance
    TJ- Trailer / Tongue Jack
    TLAs- Three Letter Acronyms
    TLC- Tender Loving Care
    TM- Trail Manor
    TMI- Too Much Information
    TMRW- Tomorrow
    TNTT- Teardrops N Tiny Trailers
    TNX- Thanks
    TO100G- Trail Of 100 Giants
    TOAD- Towed Vehicle
    TOS- Terms Of Service
    TP- Toilet Paper
    TPMS- Tire Pressure Monitor System
    TPO- Thermoplastic Olefin
    TPWD- Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
    TRF- Texas Renaissance Festival
    TRL- Table Rock Lake (Branson, Mo)
    TS- Truck Stop
    TSB- Technical Service Bulletin
    TSP- Trisodium Phosphate
    TT- Travel Trailer / Thousand Trails
    TU- Thank You
    TV- Tow Vehicle
    TVA- Tennessee Valley Authority
    TVP- Textured Vegetable Protein
    UHMW- Ultra High Molecular Weight (Plastic)
    UK- United Kingdom
    UP- Upper Peninsula
    US/CBP- United States/Canada Border Patrol
    USB- Universal Serial Bus
    USD- United States Dollar
    USFS - US Forestry Service
    UTC- Up The Creek / United Technologies Corporation
    UTS- Utility Sport Vehicles
    UTV- Utility/Task Vehicle
    UUV- Urban Utility Vehicle
    UV- Ultra Violet
    UVW- Unloaded Vehicle Weight
    VA- Veterans Administration
    VAG- Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft Gesellschaft
    VCC- Visual Communications Company (Solder Lug)
    VCT- Variable Camshaft Timing
    VHB- Viscoelastic High Bond (3M tape)
    VIN- Vehicle Identification Number
    VM- Vanity Mate
    VOA- Voice Of America
    VOC- Volatile Organic Compound
    VPN- Virtual Private Network
    VPC- Voltage Per Cell
    VTM- Variable Torque Management (Honda 4WD)
    WAG- Wild A$$ Guess / Waste Alleviation & Gelling
    WB- Wheel Base
    WC- Water Column (Inches of Water Supported By Gas Pressure)
    WDH- Weight Distribution Hitch
    WDW- Walt Disney World
    WE- Water Electric
    WFCO- World Friendship Co. (Converter)
    WFH- Work From Home
    WHO- World Health Organization
    WIC- Women In Construction
    WIP- Work In Progress
    WM- Walmart
    WT- Whiffle Tree
    WTB- Want To Buy
    WTF- What The F..k / Why The Face
    WTH- What The Hell
    WWW- World Wide Web
    WWYD- What Would You Do
    WX- Weather (Radio)
    XC- Cross Country
    YFF- Young Family Functionality
    YK- Yellowknife (Canada)
    YMMV- Your Mileage May Vary
    YOLO- You Only Live Once
    YS- Yellowstone
    YT- YouTube
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    Most of these are abbreviations not acronyms.
    There, I said it.
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    Did it really need to be said?
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    I think so. You don't care at all about accuracy?
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    I think the rest of the Portal understands what the thread is trying to accomplish. It's just to be helpful for members to understand some post. So, some abbreviations are listed. Not a big deal. Sorry that the title and content is not up to your "standards".
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    Makes no difference to me at all. But they are abbreviations not acronyms, save a few.
    Looks like you take things personally. Call them whatever you want, I'll say no more.
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    The one I hate to use is TV.... A TV to me is a Television Set haha... Made me add HDTV to it when being used...

    Roy Ken
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    I read some threds where the DW is used..what does that stand for--Dear Wife? [:D] just curious
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    Yes. I'll update the list. I'm surprised I've never added it.

    OK. Updated.
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    Missing RTFM..Read The *ahem* Manual
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    Updated. Sadly, many manuals are just that, many manuals. No wiring, plumbing, as built stuff.
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    I'll refer to this often.
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    You forgot PJA, Pedantic Jack Ass, referring to your critic...

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