Actual video of me backing up my trailer


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May 31, 2018
That was me this morning.....except not as fast. Well atually I did go that fast once I realized I was on my neighbours lawn! And no I'm not kidding. Good news , is on my second try at backing up I can do it. It took a few times of pulling up and re aligning, but I did it. No damage to anything but my ego!


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Jun 9, 2014
I did that one night when we arrived at around midnight and the site was only accessible by driving backwards through the forest (run on sentence) to a site the size of a pea.

Bonus wife directed me.

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Mar 3, 2004
Norwalk CT
Was at a private campground many years ago (probably early '90's) on a father's day weekend. The CG had a lot of "events" and one of them was a trailer backing contest. They had a small utility trailer attached to UTV and a track set up (no where near as complicated as the one in the video). Had to back it through the cones making corners before backing it into a space about a foot wider than the actual trailer. I'm proud to say I placed in the top 10 (of course there were only about 15 of us [:D] )


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Sep 9, 2015
Clayton, Georgia
Am I the only one who noticed he’s pulling a 20’ + camper with an Audi? How come Europeans get everything? We find an 18’ barebones and have to trade to a 3/4 ton dually with a extra transmission cooler, lol.

Well, that camper has a dry weight of 1000 lbs so they're within limits. They just need to add cabinets, flooring, plumbing, propane, and camping equipment once they get to the site. :)


Aug 7, 2018
That was, odd, to watch.

Guess as someone else said, practice makes perfect. The trailer is obviously empty, as the car has zero squat even though the trailer is obviously tilted forward. I believe it's empty given how easily the Audi can accelerate both forward and backwards essentially from a stop.

I do believe that there should be a license to tow.... of which part of the license requires you to properly back a trailer up.

Before I had the PUP, years ago, I had a 20.5' Bayliner that I moved with an F150 or an Explorer. Wheels were set pretty far back, and as such, was a very easy trailer to move.

At the boat launch ramp, which was always busy on hot days (4 spots to load/unload into the water in a large lot) it was amazing just watching how many people have no idea how to back their trailer up.... jack knifing or completely missing the launch ramp (or taking 2 spots up because they just can't align properly). Many times guys twice my age needed help backing up (was by no means a difficult launch).

I tend to get slightly nervous at our house - we live in an area with a road less than a normal 1 car lane (privately owned roads), a neighbor who parks his Audi right next to the street, and have several trees around us, with our driveway having a rock wall (about 3' tall) on one side, and a rock wall that gets taller (neighbors house is 4ft or so below our garage).... to add insult to injury, we're on a decent slope, have a shared driveway, and 1/4 the way in on our driveway is a fire hydrant... there is also a junk van that is not moveable on one side of the driveway (soon it will be gone). The hardest trailer I backed up here was a 27' travel trailer. First attempt I had to reset the angle once (to ensure I would clear the hydrant, and trees -- I was backing it up without assistance and no tow mirrors, just "gut feeling" and go) but turned out to be no big deal.

What I have found to be true for both that 27' travel trailer and even the PUP - for those who have a true 4WD vehicle, put the transfercase in low.

I tend to find that in high range, you have to give more gas than you really want and the movements aren't smooth. In low range, you get more control as less throttle has to be put in, and you have more sense of what is going to happen when you do reverse. (this only goes if you have good throttle control.... if you don't, smashing the gas in low range/reverse would cause quite a jump backwards, possibly being dangerous).

My point, I guess, is I don't even see myself as being all that great. I do it well and not all that often. I do think there should be some minimum expectation, similar to getting a drivers license.