Actual video of me backing up my trailer

Discussion in 'Tow Vehicles, Hitch & Towing' started by eoleson1, Aug 2, 2018.

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    4LO works great if you have manual hubs. I used "2wd low range" all the time in my 6-speed F250. I loved backing a trailer in place just by steering, no brake, no gas and clutch fully engaged.

    Most newer stuff with axle disconnects 4LO locks the front wheels automatically and you can't turn on pavement too well, or even bind some on hard surfaces.
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    We don't need more government regulation. We need more people to be personally responsible, and not try to blame others for their short comings. If someone needs practice backing a trailer, they need to get in a parking lot and back away.
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    Which is the key to passing the test that FarmerDave would like to see and without that test, most people won't bother with getting that practice.
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    I agree, whole heartedly.

    The problem, though, is that if someone is unable to backup a trailer all that well, then they probably don't know what to do if/when it sways, ensuring it's properly hooked up, loading, etc.

    The other problem is each individual has an "it's everyone else" mentality. Ask people about driving in the snow, same concept. "I'm fine to drive in the snow, it's the other drivers that worry me...". Not relating driving in snow to towing a trailer, just the mentality that people take these days. They don't take personal responsibility.

    My sister cannot drive a manual vehicle, she just can't. Probably book-smarter than most people on this forum (myself included, hell, she got in the top 1% of the country for LSAT when she took them)... however, she doesn't have a mechanical brain. Nothing limits her to not buy/drive a manual car on the road, except herself. If she were to run to a car lot and buy a car with a MT, it would be a safety hazard to herself/family and others on the road. Not all people have that mentality, they would say "oh, no big deal, I'll figure it out...". Also not suggesting a license for driving a manual - most likely they won't get out of the parking lot, or they'll just make themselves look stupid causing a bit of a nuisance.
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    I know it is an old thread but I couldn't stop me from thinking "I hope the black tank is empty and the toilet valve closed!!"
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