Adding a Fender Skirt to Popup?


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Jan 21, 2014
My pop up has straight sides, as in the wall is continuous over the wheel well, which makes changing the tire nearly impossible. It takes a lot of maneuvering and a few choice words to get the tire in there, and it has to be devoid of air pressure as well.

I have looked inside the wheel well, and there appears to be a small section of angle iron, and a piece of sheet metal inside to support the outer sheet metal.

would it be okay to cut these out and put on a fender skirt to add access to the wheel?


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Aug 2, 2011
Steinbach, MB
Not sure if your floor design will require work or not but at the very least, I'd say you'll probably need to take the walls apart so you can add some framing across the wall section you plan to cut out and you'll need some sort of trim to finish up the cut edges of your outer skin. I don't know if there's metal or wood framing in Coleman but let's assume it's wood.

Here's what the wall framing for my '96 Viking looks like. Notice the cutouts in the 2x6s that span the wheel wells.