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Discussion in 'Heating / Cooling Systems' started by Econ, Aug 29, 2019.

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    The Aliner has a Cool Cat A/C in the right rear corner with a vertical, exterior grille on the right side wall. For the sake of discussion, measurements will be approximated.

    The grill is approximately 30" wide and 16" tall. The A/c exhaust (hot air) is about 20" by 16" tall. On each side is a 5" by 16" area meant for the incoming "cool" air. It would seem that the incoming "cold" air and outgoing hot air would mix and recirculate reducing efficiency. Would efficiency benefit enough to be worth the effort if a partition was build between the two air flows?

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    Guess I've never looked at that part of our Cool Cube 5000 much. I did look at the grill / frame for some reason and if I remember correctly, it was screwed and caulked where you could tear something up taking it off. I would make sense in the real world to separate the two air flows, but this is "camper" world. I did replace the dryer hose duct with insulated duct to prevent condensation dripping in the storage compartment and drill big holes in the fire extinguisher mount to move the return air intake out from under the bed (where the discharge vents are).

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