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Jul 21, 2018
DW and daughter are fine with OEM cushions in Aliner Classic sofa bed model.

As for myself, I use a 3/4 length thin (back packing model) Therm-a-rest to increase sleeping comfort. The Therm-a-rest has made a great improvement in comfort for me.


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Oct 20, 2014
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Bought from
They were very helpful on the phone. I recently called for softer samples so I know what I am going to replace with.

They are my go to for foam toppers, cushions, etc. My recent order just arrived today. It included a good topper for "the mattress of misery" in the new trailer.


May 25, 2021
Not sure what to advise here. We converted ours to a full time bed with a memory foam topper over the stock cushions. We don't miss not having the sofa, as we're either outside or sitting at the dinnette.

I did install an interior baggage door to access the space under the bed from the inside, put a large bin there. A topper may fit in it if it's not too thick. See

That door turned out to be redundant when we made the bed permanent with pneumatic struts allowing the whole bed to lift up for underbed access, but it may be a solution for you.
Hi - we want to put pneumatic struts under our bed, also. Did you figure this out on your own or was there somewhere you went to for instruction?

Ronal Owens

Jun 27, 2021
We have been using the RecPro 70” RV Jack Knife Sofa for a while and are very pleased with it. Great sofa that's super comfortable and looks really great
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Apr 15, 2020
We have a rear sofa bed Classic with hard dormers. We’ve done a few things to where we now sleep good without giving up the sofa.

We replaced all foam with Foam Factory v34. Better but still not enough. Wife sleeps on sofa end. We added a 1.5” twin latex topper cut down to the size of the bottom cushion. She has a Beddy wrapped around the cushion and the topper. She zips up the Beddy in the morning and it stays in place as the sofa.

I get the convertible dinette. In addition to the new foam cushions I have a high quality 1” topper between my sleeping bag’s shell and washable inner sheet liner. During the day I roll the sleeping bag up with the topper still inside. Rolls a little bigger but still very doable. Just leave it on the longer dinette seat as a side cushion or toss it back on one end of the sofa when need more seating.

We just finished a 30 day trip and our old bones had no issues sleeping in the Aliner. We finally have the right combination that at least works for us.

Our sofa bed only has a center door available for storage since we have a Coolcat underneath. We had a drawer made that fits that door and that is DW’s dresser. Made guides with wood trim and used that slick stick on film as the track. Open Aliner door and she just pulls a rope on the drawer until it stops on the doors catch bracket. Gives her great access without having to crawl on the floor.

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