Allegany Mountain Resort at Rainbow lake


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Jan 31, 2016
We have a certificate for a free 2 nights at this Allegany Mountain Resort at Rainbow lake, we got it when we purchased our camper. Out of the blue today DW got a call from the resort giving her a bit of a song and dance about coming out any non holiday weekend to so they could validate the certificate and they can show us the resort and sit in on a presentation about the benefits of being members of their campground. She even said after the validated the certificate (which mind you is just a piece of paper) they would throw in a free week of camping with them for another time

Seems a bit sales pitchy to me, sort of like those time share bits. Aside from that though, does anyone have any experience or insight about this camp ground? Is it worth taking the 3.5 hour drive from my neck of the woods to them for at least the free weekend?
Mar 23, 2014
Got my co worker at the rv show with that song and dance. Just fill out a ticket then come out some time to sit thru the 45min presentation and they give him a weeks free camping. He is big darksider that rolls in whole convoy of 10+ families.

I have looked at it online and brochure. It looks nice. Def caters to big rigs. Probably a lot of seasonal sites.