Allegany State Park/Redhouse


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Jul 25, 2012
Good morning everyone. We are looking into doing prep for a trip to Allegany State Park. I am wondering what everyone who camps there does about food storage with their PuP to avoid attracting bears.

I have been advised anywhere from "its not a problem in the campground" to "the bears are terrors" and everywhere in between.

I am not sure what to even really take or how to store it. I was thinking of packing light, trying to stay away from dry items which would remain open, and leaving the food hidden and sealed in the car for the most part.

Since it is my first trip to a park with some bears I just do not have a good feel for it yet and would rather be safe than sorry. Anyone who can comment on the real state of this park and needed precautions would be much appreciated! Thanks!


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Apr 24, 2008
Clean up good every night. Seal every thing well and then it totes in the tow vehicle. They will go for the easy picking. You will see cooler left out Idiots!