American Legion State Forest/Austin Hawes Campground


Apr 28, 2011
Just wondering if anyone has been? We are going with friends over Memorial Day weekend, it will be our first trip of the season. I'd love to hear some reviews from anyone who has stayed there.



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Jun 12, 2012
We went to Austin Hawes and thought it was pretty good.

Only downside is that most of the hiking trails are on the other side of the river and you have to get in your car to get there. We did do one of the hikes and it was nice. Came out on top of the mountain with a spectacular view.

The sites are surrounded by woods and very private, unlike Hammonasett and Rocky Neck, where you are pretty much in a field.

We actually went with some friends who were in adjacent campsites and were not able to see them.

Some of the sites are pull-thru and some are back-in. We had a pull-thru, but even most of the back in sites looked easy enough to get in.

At Hammonasett and Rocky Neck, there are places at the bathrooms where you can wash dishes, but not at Austin Hawes - probably has something to do with septic vs sewers.



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Oct 23, 2012
I followed you link and enjoyed reading your review of American legion.
I’m new to this site or I would have responded to your request for a review.
We stay at site 20 early October for the last four years. You get a nice river sound to sleep by in site 20. Site 3 is also a great site, love this campground. You see a bear every once and a while, but make some noise and yell “get out of here bear” and they leave. Lol.
We stayed at the Mohawk Trail campground in Mass. A few years back and had black bears near or in our site every day. Very exciting and fun. We had to leave a couple of pots and pans out to bang together when they came around.

The Tolland state forest looks very nice; would you say site 23 is one worth reserving? The view looked nice.


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Sep 27, 2010
I am not that impressed by American Legion State Forest camp ground. Water spigot looks like this:
How am I supposed to use a garden hose to fill my tank? Never seen one of these in all my camping trips half way across America.
Bath rooms and shower are adequate.
No lack of mosquitoes.
No cell phone service.
If you want total isolation, go there.


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Apr 9, 2014
There's a lot more campgrounds than you think with those type spigots. Especially the more "undeveloped" ones. They don't want someone hooking up a regular hose and hogging the only water supply.


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Sep 27, 2008
DH and I just returned from Hawes. Sites are generous, bathrooms clean and there is at least one threaded spigot on one of the loops. It's across from site 22. Bathrooms are located in the center of each loop with no drive up access and boy is it ever dark at night. There are paths to the restrooms but make sure you have a good functioning flashlight. The only lights I saw at night were the ones near the restrooms and the ones belonging to other campers. Cell service is spotty at best. If you like fly fishing the Farmington River is right there, also several hiking trails in the area. Downside is the fact that the campground is located right along the road and there's another road across the river so there is some traffic noise as well as the noise from aircraft. Nice place to just chill and enjoy a good book or watch the flames dance in the campfire.


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Oct 23, 2012
Hi Mama K, I just got back from camping there this afternoon. Yesterday was a washout, ALL day rain. My wife got there on the 29th and I came up on the 1st. Site 20